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Students Building a New Creative Cloud Identity

inprogress This spring, Academy of Art University students Julia Lemke and Michael Taylor have an opportunity few designers get at this stage in their careers: to re-invent the Creative Cloud identity for Adobe’s marketing to students, teachers, and educational institutions.

Julia and Michael are using Adobe’s creative tools to build an identity that reflects what Creative Cloud means to them. Creative Cloud’s diverse set of apps offers them an opportunity to experiment. In that spirit, they’re working in mixed media, and pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

Adobe’s internal design team partnered with Academy of Art University to kick off the project and choose talented local students to do the work at Adobe’s Townsend Street office in San Francisco. They also reached out to Jamie Calderon, Creative Director for Tolleson Design and collaborator on many Adobe identity projects, to serve as a mentor for Julia and Michael as they developed their first rounds of concepts.

The Adobe Students Social team is documenting the entire process through photography and video; sharing tidbits of the work in progress on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

We’re excited to see what Julia and Michael come up with, and when it’s final we’ll be sharing it with the world!

We’ve created a video to show how the whole process got started, and will be sharing more video as we approach the final unveiling. Please let us know what you think.

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Instilling Digital Literacy

Students at Forest Hills Eastern High School in Ada, Michigan, learn how digital literacy and creativity can benefit their academic and professional futures. Their dedicated teacher, Kelly Kermode, instructs them with industry-standard creative software such as Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Edge Animate CC, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

With Kermode’s guidance, a former student Mariah Prowozink, who was initially wary of signing onto the yearbook staff, quickly began creating and designing pages that awakened her passion. She’s now attending Central Michigan University studying graphic design, art history, and advertising. She also works at the university’s newspaper, Central Michigan Life where she has


been an integral part of redesigning the paper’s website. Prowozink looks forward to producing a tablet version of the newspaper using the Alternative layout features in Adobe InDesign.

Student achievement is Kermode’s foremost concern. She prides herself on how many of her former students have achieved career success after graduation, working as designers, photographers, filmmakers, web developers, and other professionals. One big secret to her students’ success: infusing digital literacy into the curriculum using a host of Adobe industry-standard creative software.Kermode not only helped Prowozink develop valuable skills, but also incited a love of design in her.


“It’s incredibly gratifying to see how they are applying what they learned in school to foster success later in life. For many of my students, Adobe creative software has been instrumental in shaping their careers. It’s proven to be essential,” says Kermode.

To find out more about how Kelly Kermode inspires students, read the full story here.

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