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What’s New on the Adobe Education Exchange: May 2014 Platform Updates


This morning, we launched a number of new features and enhancements on the Adobe Education Exchange. Though you may not notice some “under the hood” improvements, you should definitely try out several prominent new features designed to make the experience on the AEE even more amazing. Plus, you can now influence product direction by completing the new feedback form.

My Exchange
With the new My Exchange tab in the main navigation, you’ll have one-click access to view and edit your profile, access badges, resources, courses and workshops, discussions, favorites, and other content. We’ve also added a new Professional Development panel to the main navigation.

Syllabus Builder
In time for the curriculum-planning season, we’re thrilled to introduce a new tool on the AEE, the syllabus builder. With this tool, you can curate the vast collection of teaching resources and organize them into a pathway. To get started: explore sample syllabi created from the Adobe Digital Careers teaching resources, learn how to use the syllabus builder, then create your own.

My Learning
For those of you who have enrolled in a course (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Enroll in one today!), the new My Learning section is the hub for continuing the course you’re enrolled in, checking enrollment status for upcoming courses, and viewing participation details for past courses (including downloading course certificates). Plus, you’ll now earn a badge for every course you complete.

Additional Enhancements Include:

  • Updates to Adobe products list
    An update to the standard Adobe product list includes new products like Adobe Voice, Adobe Creative Cloud, Behance, and several others.
  • Email notification system
    We’ve beefed up our email notification system to better be able to meet the demand of sending thousands of comments, following, and badge notifications per day. Please add to your address book to ensure you receive these notifications.
  • Try, Join/Buy, Learn More, and Help links
    Quick links to try, join/buy, learn more, and get help for all Adobe products.
  • Content flagging system
    We revamped the abuse flagging system to resolve known issues. If two different users flag a resource, discussion or comment, it will be automatically removed from the site. We highly encourage you to use this system when you see spam or abusive content. Check out the Code of Conduct if you need a reminder of how we define abusive content.

As you can see, we’ve been busy. Let us know what you think and what you would like to see next. The Adobe Education Exchange will continue to evolve to inspire and engage creative educators around the world.

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Adobe Voice and Educators

Adobe Delivers New Storytelling App for iPad

Adobe Voice LogoTelling a compelling story just got easier. Today, Adobe announced Adobe Voice, a new animated video app for the iPad that gives anyone the ability to create and share engaging stories. This is great news for educators and students who value simple tools that make it easy to teach, to learn and to express creativity.

Adobe Voice empowers students and educators to inform, persuade and inspire using a combination of their own recorded voice, imagery, music and cinema-quality motion graphics and effects without requiring any filming or editing. Adobe Voice is ideal for teachers who want to explain a concept or for students looking to create an engaging school assignment. To make an impact online and across social networks, these animated videos can also be shared by posting a single link through social media, email, personal blogs or websites.

And the best part, Adobe Voice is available for free from Apple App Store. The app requires iPad 2 or higher and iOS 7. To learn more about Adobe Voice, visit or check out helpful links below. We can’t wait to get Adobe Voice in the hands of educators and students, so go ahead, try the app, and share your story.

Helpful Links

Introducing Adobe Voice

Quick Tour of Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice of an Educator


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