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July 30, 2007

Web 2.0

Our sessions at Camp re: Web 2.0 reminded me a presentation made at our Canadian conference, Leading Learning 2007 in Feb of this year, by Tim Hawes. Tim, by no small coincidence, is the Asst Manager IT of the Ottawa Carlton school board which has three schools involved with the Adobe Youth Voices project – he is very proactive, pro-student and open minded.
There are two links I think people will want to follow from his piece
– this is a wonderful film he showed that was created by Asst Prof Micheal Wesch, Kansas State University which really captures some of the idea of web 2.0
– these are Tim’s slides which will help to explain his point of view re: Web 2.0 and parts of it sound resoundlingly similar to what Kim Cavanaugh had to say. I hope all of this helps us better understand where we are going and how we’re going to somehow get there… and of course, all of this is still in beta form (LOL)

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July 27, 2007

Top Ten Tools for eLearning Practitioners

We had an awesome session yesterday with Silke Fleisher, Product Marketing Manager for Captivate, on the newest release of that particular eLearning application. Silke is always a terrific presenter and it was cool to see some of the new tools available in Captivate 3.
I suppose that has me thinking a bit about the entire topic of how eLearning content is developed and why a posting at Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies caught my eye. Top 10 Personal Favourite Tools provides a list from a number of eLearning practitioners from around the world and may reveal some new tools that you weren’t aware of. It’s interesting to see the many ways that different software and services are used to accomplish the same goals. Definitely worth a look!

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July 26, 2007

Digital Schools Collection

Here at the Adobe Education Leaders Summer Institute 2007, a group of us spent two days working with the products in the Digital Schools Collection. From the creation of content with Visual Communicator 3, to working with Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 5, Premiere Elements 3, Contribute CS3, and Adobe Acrobat 8 Pro, Michelle Gallina and Larry Happy supplied quality instruction and tons of tips and tricks for using these products with teachers and students.
In addition, the expertise of the members of the class who shared their methodologies help put training on these products into the context of education. Thanks to all for a great workshop!

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Lots of Love for Fireworks

Here at Adobe Education Leaders Camp we had an awesome session with Alan Musselman from the Fireworks team at Adobe. We had so many fervent Fireworks users in the room that for a minute I thought we might hog-tie Alan to his chair and force him to stay to talk with us about our favorite graphics application.
Alan finally escaped us, but not before we had a chance to see some of the ideas being floated around for the next version of Fireworks. Nothing that can be shared here unfortunately, but it was awesome to see what Alan and his team have in mind, AND to hear that Adobe is devoting engineering dollars into the next version of Fireworks.
Alan mentioned one of my favorite extension developers over at which I wanted to link to for the members of our group. There’s always incredible FW stuff there, so it’s definitely worth a look on a frequent basis to see what kinds of new things are out there.
Also, don’t miss Jim Babbage’s run down of Essential Extensions for Fireworks CS3 over at Community MX. Jim has a great listing there that provides a one-stop listing of some of the really cool new things that Fireworks extension developers provide.

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AEL Fearless Leaders

Props to our fearless leaders at Adobe for pulling off this week’s Education Leader’s Camp.
First up, Megan Stewart, Adobe’s Worldwide Education Marketing director and tireless advocate for digital design tools in education. You go Megan!
Next, Johann Zimmern, K-12 Marketing Director for the U.S. Johann is the get-it-done guy who wades in when problems need to be resolved.
And finally, Jack Podell, who heads up the AEL program and is incredibly instrumental in keeping things moving along with our little group.
Thanks so much! Now, if I can just get some good pictures of the two Lisa’s we’ll be able to have all of our incredible hosts documented for posterity.

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July 25, 2007

GPS to Jillians

Our group was a little confused with the GPS, but we had fun posing for pictures. Check out this one:

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Converting Files to iPod on a Windows OS

This pdf file is from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. We created it so that Windows OS users could create vodcasts. It shows how to use a free converter called Videora. Several people asked for it in the School Collection Training.
Michael Sweeney
Learning Development Facilitator

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July 24, 2007

Adobe Education Leader Institute 2007

After my first day at the summer institute, I find myself totally regretting having missed last years. Presentations by Adobe experts and other AELs (Adobe Education Leaders) “captivated” (no pun) my attention. I think I learned more about Web 2.0 in one afternoon than I have from days of reading and experimenting with these tools. Kathy Schrock has opened my mind to the value of integrating them into K-12 Curriculum. Now I can not wait to try out some of these things with professional development in Florida.
Special thanks to Jack and Megan for their flexibility!!!!

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July 16, 2007

Adobe Education Leader Program Overview

Adobe Education Leaders are educators who have used their unique abilities and expertise to promote excellence in education through the integration of Adobe solutions in the classroom, school, or district.
The Adobe Education Leader program highlights the successes and contributions of innovative educators involved in primary and secondary education utilizing Adobe tools and applications.
The Adobe Education Leaders are dedicated to enhancing creativity, communication, and collaboration, and improving the teaching and learning experience. They share their expertise through technology-based projects and programs and at workshops, seminars, and conferences. These leaders develop standards-based curricula and educational resources which are used worldwide.
When new products are developed or existing products are revised, the Education Leaders are among the first to support learning objectives through effective use of the technology. As leaders in their field, they are dedicated to creating a dynamic learning environment for students and teachers.
Through the Adobe Education Leaders program, a network of outstanding educators inspire each other, share ideas, and connect and collaborate with peers in the education community. Leaders can be classroom teachers, district administrators, technology coordinators, in-service specialists, School of Education faculty, or education consultants.
If you are interested in learning more about the Adobe Education Leader Program, please send us an email.

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