By ericsheninger


June 22, 2012

The following is a guest post by Bedros Kharmandarian, a junior at New Milford High School. Throughout his high school career he has been exposed to many elective courses in the areas of graphics and technology that have allowed him to unleash his creative talents. In this piece he discusses his use of Adobe tools to create our recent Holocaust Study Tour book.  You can view last year’s book created using Adobe Creative Design Suite HERE.

As a student, the use of Adobe programs has been a privilege, as well as, a tool to benefit myself and New Milford High School.  A large amount  of my efforts yearly go into our school yearbook, which is done through a collaboration between our Graphic Arts teacher, Mr. Pevny, and a few students such as myself.  I am proud to say that the yearbook has consistently received many awards over the years.  This, in my opinion, can be attributed to an amazing teacher in Mr. Pevny as well as the schools’ investment in the latest educational technology (iMacs, Adobe tools, digital cameras, etc.).

This year, a project that took a grand amount of effort on my part, as well as, the use of programs such as Photoshop and InDesign, was a booklet on the Holocaust Study Tour.  Every year our school holds an educational trip to Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, in which a select group of students are taken to get a first hand education on the Holocaust.   When the trip reaches its end, they are left with multitudes of pictures, as well as, an essay, which is to be written by each student.   A single student is bestowed the task of using the resources at hand, coupled with Adobe programs, to create a 60 page booklet.  This year, I was the student chosen.

So, essentially, Adobe software such as InDesign and Photoshop have been a staple in my artistic student life. They have enriched my experience as a student at New Milford High by providing me the ability to make things ranging from yearbook content, Holocaust booklets, playbills for the school musical, projects for numerous classes, and many more learning artifacts.   I am afforded countless opportunities to learn on my terms with the tools that I am comfortable with at times that are convenient.  This is how school should be and I am thankful for everything that NMHS has done to meet my needs and provided me with unparalleled learning opportunities.



  • By riyas - 12:16 PM on July 8, 2012  

    Congrats Bedros. Saw your book and it looks really nice. Wishing you all the very best

  • By Sheila Goraluk - 6:27 PM on September 5, 2012  

    Additional information you may need on my request to get my Adobe CS5 certified- The date of the document I sent you is my current term for all intents and purposes until I complete it. The School I am attending is both a traditional college with some students attending daily [or at least as they feel they or instructors require depending on course. Exams of course are all on site] I am taking web development courses to supplement practical knowledge I gained learned on my own online with free tutoring and by trial and error building websites using open source software. I tried to get funding for college for several years for a full certificate program without success. I am physically disabled and need to work and study from home and the Academy of Learning [a cross Canada group of ‘campuses’ both physical and online are uniquely suited to the physically disabled living in small towns and rural areas] was ideal for me. My health has worsened in the past year since I first got my funding [for my copy of your software and the course related to it]. I had a great deal of difficulty getting the document uploaded to your site since I did not have access to a camera until just recently. Such luxuries as a digital camera on a disability pension are, well unthinkable. By this time all my websites were offline and no longer providing me with income. Of course it saddens me a great deal to lose all that hard work and struggle but I feel the grant money should not go to waste [I had to beg and struggle for two years to get the little I got]. Please help me not have to go through any more hoops and let me begin learning about your software. So far it has not been a good experience…

    Sheila Goraluk aka “the billboard lady”