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October 18, 2013

LinkedIn: Adobe Education EMEA

Since the amazing education event in Barcelona I’ve become the community manager for on LinkedIn of the Adobe Education EMEA group. This pace on the web has been realized last year at the event in Istanbul and one year later more than one hundred educators from Europe, The Middle East and Africa are member of this group.

I want to make it a active group with a lot of educators who are willing to share experiences in educating in our creative field. But teaching language at a creative school of using adobe tools for math… That doesn’t matter. Please feel free to join in on our team and work with us on a active group of fantastic educators.

Please go to to be part of it.

Al the best,

Matthijs Clasener

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May 7, 2013

Opening keynote Adobe MAX 2013

Thé Creativity Conference: Adobe MAX 2013

Finally Adobe Max 2013 has started. The previous edition of MAX was in October 2011. A loing time ago. And so far it was worth waiting for. As we all know Adobe has changed their marketing strategy ever since they introduced the Creative Cloud in 2011. And much of this conference is all about the improvement over the CC.

But what did they show during the opening keynote?

Creative Cloud: a strong update

Coming to you in June is the much improved/

updated edition of the Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud will have it’s place in the desktop applications and will be valuable for cross-device collaboration.They even integrated the worlds leading online creative community Behance in the Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud brings togehter everything you need to create your best work. With these new versions of our desktop tools, services that take publishing content to the next level and now make it easier to collaborate and share your work wold wide.” – David Wadhwani

With the Creative Cloud rolled out in your whole creative system it’s so easy to synchronise, store, share and collaborate. All files will be synced automatically between your devices. Yes… devices!


Perpetual? What?

Perpetual was the way you could buy your Adobe software untill Cs6. Perpetual is history now with the new marketing strategy. That’s why an era of 10 years Creative Suite has come to an end as well. From now on Photoshop Cs will be called Photoshop CC. And so goes for all the other apps. And they have done some major updates and are ‘giving’ us more than 30 tools and services for professional content creation in print, web, apps, mobile, video and photography processess.

Photoshop CC has got improved sharpening and designer workflow. Deblurring camera shakes? It can be done! And it’s the first app that will make it possible to post your files directly to Bahance to showcase your work.

In Illustrator CC you will find new ways to work with typography. The Touch Type Tool will let you move, scale and rotate text and will still allow you to edit your text. Art, Pattern and Scatter brushes can contain raster images now for more complex designs.

I can finally let the word out that it will be possible for Adobe Muse users to edit their sites in the browser! A huge update for Muse!!

Adobe Premiere CC has an even smoother way of working which will bring you more efficientcy. And with the Lumetri Deep Colour Engine added to the tool it will be adding lots more power in your colour workflow.

You are going to be happy to hear that there is a new Live 3D Pipeline between After Effects CC and Cinema4D to make it a powerful tool for motion graphics and visual effects. And there are new versions of the awesome tools Speedgrade CC, Prelude CC, Audition CC and Story CC Plus!

Webdesigners will consider themselves lucky to have the new Adobe Edge family of tools and services in their workflow. Animations in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are easely done in Adobe Edge Animate CC. Working from Photoshop CC to Edge Reflow CC is also a new way of working to make responsive websites. Flash CC is build up from scratsh again to be ready for 64-bit machines. It’s going to be faster and steady.

Type kit is available on your desktop computer now! More than 175 font families within reach.

Adobe has brought Kuler to the iPhone to make colour schemes from pictures you will take. A colour scheme made with the iPhone will be uploaded into the Creative Cloud and be available on your desktop computer!

In the creative cloud you will be able to view older versions of your work. That’s damn handy when discussing your design with clients or coworkers by sharing your work.

Awesome news from the future! :)

Adobe is going to do hardware! There are two projects which have been revealed. Project Mighty is Adobe’s first an impressive Stylus for your tablet. It’s brilliant because of it’s connection with the Creative Cloud and it’s pressure sensitivity. The thing that blowed me aways was that one designer can create a drawing on his tabled, select it and copy it to the internal memory of the pen and paste it on another tablet.

And then there’s Project Napoleon… a ruler for drawing straight lines on your tablet, or circles. The ruler itself is very short, that’s why it’s called Napoleon.

It was worth waiting more than one year and a half for a new MAX edition. And this was only the first keynote!

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April 19, 2013

European AEL session #5

The 23rd of April must be in your agenda right now. There’s another European AEL session planned with a great line up.

Lukas Engqvist will be the host of the session. Michael Stoll, Andrea Gurtler and Serge Adam will be presenting their subjects.

Claire will send the AELs the invitation soon. Time? 20:00 GMR+1 Amsterdam.

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March 15, 2013

European AELs Speaking

Every month a couple of great AELs from Europe are having a great time in the Connect room. And you are invited!
The next European AEL presentation will be on the 19th of March at 20:00 hours (Amsterdam time zone).
Check your time and date here:
Facilitator: Matthijs Clasener

Hilde Maassen: the making of the Yearbook

Phil Badham: Building a culture of digital creativity across the curriculum

Wouter Verweider : Leap motion and ActionScript 3

Please find the invite in your mailbox from Claire. If you didn’t get an invite, please contact Matthijs Clasener for the URL.
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March 7, 2013

Global Video Battle

During May and June we will be organizing the Global Video Battle 2013. 

You can now sign up your teams for this competition!!
The assignment:
A team needs to make a short fiction movie and walk through the whole process from idea to final product. Important tasks during the process:
– Come up with a great concept, idea.
– Manage the project (work with deadlines)
– Do the production (film, actors etc)
– Post Production (color correction, visual effects, sound)
Rules of the competition
– Every school can sign up three teams of approx. 5 students.
– There are two presentations which are done online via Adobe Connect. A concept presentation, and a pre-production presentation.
– In each presentation one team of a school will leave the presentation (like The Voice, X-factor etc.). The teachers of the teams are responsible to decide which team is going to leave the competition. At the end there’s only one team in the finals.
– There’s going to be a jury of AEL’s who will decide which team is going to be the winners of the Global Video Battle 2013 and win the precioustrophy. We hope to do the voting during the Summer Institute with loads of Popcorn :)
If you are interested (and of course you are) in joining this competition please sent an e-mail to
Exact dates will follow soon.
This project from start to finish has a length of 7 weeks and will ask about 8/12 hours a week of time for the students.
Student age: Approx 17.
Already signed up:
Sweden – ITG Södertörn – 2 teams – Lukas Engqvist
USA – Texas – Allen High – 3 teams – Dustin Parrish
USA – California – Valhalla High School – Mike Skocko
The Netherlands – Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam – Matthijs Clasener
Thailand – Sripatum University -Vorasuang Duangchinda (has interest)
More information on:
Happy greetings,
Matthijs and Dustin
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