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March 7, 2013

Global Video Battle

During May and June we will be organizing the Global Video Battle 2013. 

You can now sign up your teams for this competition!!
The assignment:
A team needs to make a short fiction movie and walk through the whole process from idea to final product. Important tasks during the process:
– Come up with a great concept, idea.
– Manage the project (work with deadlines)
– Do the production (film, actors etc)
– Post Production (color correction, visual effects, sound)
Rules of the competition
– Every school can sign up three teams of approx. 5 students.
– There are two presentations which are done online via Adobe Connect. A concept presentation, and a pre-production presentation.
– In each presentation one team of a school will leave the presentation (like The Voice, X-factor etc.). The teachers of the teams are responsible to decide which team is going to leave the competition. At the end there’s only one team in the finals.
– There’s going to be a jury of AEL’s who will decide which team is going to be the winners of the Global Video Battle 2013 and win the precioustrophy. We hope to do the voting during the Summer Institute with loads of Popcorn :)
If you are interested (and of course you are) in joining this competition please sent an e-mail to
Exact dates will follow soon.
This project from start to finish has a length of 7 weeks and will ask about 8/12 hours a week of time for the students.
Student age: Approx 17.
Already signed up:
Sweden – ITG Södertörn – 2 teams – Lukas Engqvist
USA – Texas – Allen High – 3 teams – Dustin Parrish
USA – California – Valhalla High School – Mike Skocko
The Netherlands – Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam – Matthijs Clasener
Thailand – Sripatum University -Vorasuang Duangchinda (has interest)
More information on:
Happy greetings,
Matthijs and Dustin
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January 11, 2012

Design Students! Create the Apache Flex Logo!

Apache Flex is undergoing a re-branding initiative and your logo design could be chosen!

On the 31th of December, 2011, the Apache Software Foundation has accepted the Flex SDK into incubation. Apache Flex is now a community project managed by Apache (ASF). The migration from Adobe to Apache involves a re-branding and you can contribute by proposing the new Apache Flex logo.

Have a look at some of the submitted proposals here (scroll down).

Instructors: Let your design students know about this excellent opportunity.
Students: Good luck!!!

Wondering why Flex is under the care of Apache Software Foundation now? Here is the low-down.

Note that the contest is now closed!

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April 10, 2009

Tell a Story – Win a Trip to NECC 2010


Hi Folks,
      Do you have a story that shows how technology impacts the lives of students?  Do you know how to create simple movies?  If so, that combination can win you a trip to NECC in Denver in 2010.

     As part of their 30th Anniversary efforts, ISTE has put out a call
for a Digital Story Telling Corp, and is asking educators to submit
videos of stories that need to be told. 

     Bernajean Porter has held a number webinars about it.  You can access an Adobe Connect recording of one webinar by visiting the ISTE Digital Story Telling wiki  and clicking on the link to
the webinar is at the top of the page.
      Videos that have been and will be submitted will be shown at NECC and
will be used in efforts to move Tech Ed funding forward.  Submitted
videos can be seen at .

     Here’s my story. I’m hardly a George Lucas as far a video is concerned, and this video doesn’t qualify for the contest, because it’s a bit too long, but I didn’t post it to win the contest.  It’s simply a story that needs to be told and might help ISTE in their efforts to advance the cause of technology in education.

     So if you have a story to tell, break out the video camera and tell it!

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January 19, 2009

Not Too Late! National Film Festival for Talented Youth

It is not too late for budding filmmakers (22 and under) to submit their work to the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY). NFFTY “is the only film festival that provides young filmmakers a “full feature” festival experience with state-of-the-art venues, access to industry professionals, broad public exposure, and an inclusive atmosphere.”
You can still submit under the WAB Extended Deadline – January 30, 2009.
Eligibility Requirements:
•22 years or younger at completion of filming
•Films must fit into one of the seven categories
•All music and other copyrighted material must be original or filmmakers must have obtained permission from the owner
•All films must be in English or subtitled in English
•Music Video
•International (outside US)
For details visit

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October 29, 2008

2008 Web Pro Challenge-Calling all technical and creative students and teachers!

Calling all technical and creative students and teachers!
The World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) in collaboration with the Adobe Systems Inc. is announcing the second annual Web Professional Challenge to benefit an internationally recognized charity providing humanitarian aide with a website design and or application.
Why is WOW conducting this Web Pro challenge?
The Web Pro Community Challenge is an opportunity for the international Web professional community including students and teachers to:
– Allows practitioners to showcase their skills and earn industry recognition
– Allows the aspiring and those that teach them to showcase their skills, earn industry recognition and learn best practices within the Web profession from the pro’s
– An opportunity to win prizes
– Contributes something back to the global community by designing and developing a website for designated non-profit organizations .Supports Web professional education, team building and professionalism .Promote the tools and resources available to our trade
The Web Pro Challenge will be announced at Adobe Max San Francisco and will run through March 19, 2009. Participants will can use a wide range of technologies, including those from Adobe, such as Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR to build enhanced web capabilities for both of these deserving organizations.
The Web Pro Community Challenge is designed to test and teach the artistic, creative, technical and business knowledge and skills of aspiring and practicing Web professionals while utilizing some of the best tools available, all in a peer environment and for a great educational cause,” said Bill Cullifer, WOW’s Executive Director and Challenge organizer.
Eligibility and Cost:
It’s FREE to participate and anyone around the world is eligible to participate as judges, team leads, mentors and or participates in the contest.
Participants can compete in the following categories:
– High School
– Community College or University
– Industry Professionals
“Adobe is excited to work with WOW to provide a way for the passionate community of web professionals to showcase their skills while helping non-profit organizations,” said Sumi Lim Developer Relations Manager, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) at Adobe.
Web professional community including students and teachers are invited to get involved and to participate!

To participate follow these steps:

Step 1: Review the Web Pro Challenge material and the Official Rules and Terms of Conditions on the challenge website.
Step 2: Assemble a team (minimum of two) with the appropriate level of Web design and development skills and together review the challenge details and discuss your roles, responsibilities and participation strategies.
Step 3: Establish a name for your team and designate the roles and responsibilities of each team member(s).
Step 4: Identify and recruit a Team Lead (teacher and or industry mentor) and ask the Team Lead or Mentor to review and agree to the Official Rules and Terms of Conditions on the Web Pro Challenge website at:
Step 5: Submit your team name, member names, and team lead and complete the contact information on the sign up form.
Step 6: Within 48 hours the Web Pro Community Challenge committee will verify that your entry has been received and that your entry has been accepted.
Step 7: The Web Pro Community Challenge committee will release the contest specification and “work order” outlining the work requested by the charity (colors, fonts and wish list) within days of the Web Pro Community Challenge announcement at Adobe Max taking place in San Francisco, CA the week of November 17, 2008.

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February 21, 2008

2008 Adobe School Innovation Awards Competition

Adobe just released information regarding the 2008 Adobe School Innovation Awards. The theme this year is “My Community – My Planet – My 21st Century.” The competition is open to high school students in grades 9-12.
Students can submit entries in three categories:
-Web Design & Development
-Film & Video
-Graphic and Print Design
Prizes include software, cash, a laptop computer, and a trip to NECC being held in San Antonio, Texas.
For more information…

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February 15, 2008

What if…you could Photoshop your way into the Googleplex?

Well you can! That is if you are a K-12 student and live in the United States. Google is currently running a competition to design a “Google Doodle” that embodies the spirit of “What if…?”
Not only can you win a pass into the Googleplex, but you can also win a $10,000 college scholarship, a laptop computer, and a t-shirt that sports your doodle. If you are the grand prize winner Google will also hand over a $25,000 grant towards improving, or establishing, a computer lab at your school (sure to put a smile on your principal’s face).
Crayons are acceptable, but Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Illustrator, and Fireworks are way cooler! They even have provided a digital template to get you started.

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