Let’s cov­er how to auto­mat­i­cal­ly install your own pack­ages when you install AEM6 for the first time. This is a handy way to avoid large man­u­als (that we don’t read any­way 🙂 ), and espe­cial­ly for mak­ing sure the devel­op­ment team is in sync with con­tent-pack­ages and frame­work releas­es. Kudos to Markus Haack for shar­ing this approach.

What you need to have is the orig­i­nal aem6 jar-file, and the pack­ages that you want to install.
In this exam­ple I want to install the SP1-pack­age, and pre-pack­age that into the aem6 jar-file.

I have this file-struc­ture

  - aem6.0.jar
    - aem_60_sp1.jar

Now exe­cute the fol­low­ing com­mand in /aem6_builder:

jar uvf aem-6.0.jar static/install/aem_60_sp1.zip 

You get an out­put like this, mean­ing that the sp1-file is now merged into the aem6 jar-file:

adding: static/install/aem_60_sp1.zip(in = 233453836) (out= 233522386)(deflated 0%)

At this point you sim­ple hand-out this file to the devel­op­ment team to be sure they all have SP1 installed.
If you want you want extend this, to also install oth­er pack­ages with con­tent or apps.

Hap­py installing!


nice post!



Great Post ! Is it also possible to wrap SP1 into AEM war file ?

Xavier Dupertious
Xavier Dupertious

You said you had aem_60_sp1.jar in your original tree structure. Shouldn't that be aem_60_sp1.zip?