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Adobe AIR 1.5.2 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Adobe AIR 1.5.2 is now available for download. Adobe AIR 1.5.2 is a minor update that includes bug fixes related to reliability, compatibility and security. For additional details on changes from the previous release (AIR 1.5.1) including bug fixes, API changes and known issues, please see the Adobe AIR 1.5.2 developer release notes.

In addition, I encourage developers building AIR applications to read the article "Overview of the Flash Player 10.0.32 Security Update" on the Adobe Developer Connection website. This article describes some of the security-related enhancements related to both Flash Player 10.0.32 (also just released) and Adobe AIR 1.5.2.

What are we up to next? We are continuing to work hard on the next major release of Adobe AIR and we’re looking forward to sharing more details including teaser demos soon. If you have feedback on AIR 1.5.2 or in general, please let us know by dropping us a note directly using our feedback form or on the Adobe AIR discussion forum. We greatly appreciate hearing feedback from the community!

We Choose the Moon: 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Tom Barclay and I visited the folks at Domani Studios in Brooklyn today and
they showed us
which is part of a great new campaign celebrating the 40th anniversary
of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.


As a member of the Apollo
team here at Adobe, I personally thought the subject matter was really exciting. And hte site showcases a huge collection of video and photos from the JFK presidential library. Domani also did a great job with some 3-D video flyovers of the shuttle – you can click to zoom around as the rocket is waiting to be launched.

But as a current member of the Adobe AIR team, what I really like about the site is how they are providing a widget that extends the experience beyond their own website. There is a simple “get the widget” button that allows you to download and install a widget and track a replay of the launch in real time.


The widget can be installed as an AIR application, as well as embedded directly into your MySpace or Facebook page. It provides a countdown timer, a bit of information about the status of a real-time replay of the mission, and ties into twitter to make the experience even more social.

Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more examples of these types of applications that use Flash to deliver an application in the browser, beyond the browser and across social networks.

The 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch is Thursday at 9:23 am ET, and the “landing” is on Monday – so go check out today.