Preview of AIR on Android


Alchemist, by InRuntime Ltd.

As thousands of mobile companies and developers converge on Barcelona for this year’s Mobile World Congress, the AIR team is delighted to announce a preview of Adobe AIR on Android. We are excited to publicly show a sample of AIR applications running on an Android phone.

Using Adobe AIR, developers and designers will be able to build standalone applications to target devices running the Android operating system. These very same applications can also be deployed as desktop AIR applications on Windows, Mac, Linux, and also as applications on the iPhone using the Packager for iPhone .

If you are in Barcelona, come by our booth to check out the exciting apps that we have running on an Android device. For the rest of you, we have some video demos of AIR on Android @

Developers using AIR on Android will be able to leverage mobile-specific features–such as multi-touch, gestures, accelerometer, GPS, and screen orientation–to deliver richer and more immersive user experiences across multiple operating systems.

Prior to the availability of AIR on Android, developers will be able to create mobile applications targeting the iPhone using the Packager for iPhone solution that we announced at Adobe MAX 2009. They share the same APIs to make the applications portable. We’ve worked with several developers on the applications below to get them running on AIR Android. Most of these applications are currently available in the Apple App Store today!

Alchemist by InRuntime Ltd.
FickleBlox by BlueskyNorth Ltd.
gridshock_320x215.pngGridshock by Bowler Hat Games chroma_320x215.pngChroma Circuit by Bowler Hat Games
redhood_320x215.pngRed Hood by DifferenceGames southpark_320x215.pngSouth Park Avatar Creator by MTV Networks
maverie_320x215.pngMaverie by DifferenceGames su_320x215.pngSu by Theodore Patrick

AIR on Android will be available in the second half of 2010. Please check back for additional announcements this year. Our team is tremendously excited about helping Flash and AIR developers bring innovative applications to mobile devices using our tools and frameworks.

16 Responses to Preview of AIR on Android

  1. Nathan says:

    WOW… This is a great news ..

    Awaiting to this in Live..

    AIR rocks… 🙂

  2. SSH says:

    Will this support Android 1.5?

  3. Ian Drake says:

    Best I can tell is that the packager (your links are messed up) will only work for actionscript based apps.

    I’ve invested a lot of time in creating my desktop AIR app in HTML/CSS/Javascript. Will I still need to go with PhoneGap to bring it to mobiles or what?

    In any case, keep up the good work.

  4. John Gag says:

    Keep up the great work guys! This is exciting stuff

  5. leef says:

    Can’t wait to port my iPhone harp-instrument app “Innocent Angel” to Android also!!!

  6. Felisberto says:

    I wish I was in Barcelona too :/
    Ah well, I still have my imagination xD

    2010 is gonna be exciting for all mobile developers, mark my word.

  7. Chris says:

    This is GREAT!

  8. martin says:

    So if i develop an air application with flex builder they are going to work on an android?

  9. Nice … now if Adobe can follow through on the ecosystems with all the partners to make that part happen, they might have a big win … otherwise, I think we may see in-browser Flash as more of the success … casual games, ads, and video are the 3 core areas I see that Flash can add value in the browser situation.

  10. Lee Graham says:

    Android kicks ass!

  11. karol says:

    can you tell me whitch android phone’s it will work without installing flash from Android Market. In Adobe site is only information: “What devices are supported by the AIR for Android SDK?
    We expect most Android devices supporting FroYo and Éclair to work, however we only test and certify with the Google Nexus One and Motorola Droid.”

    Which FroYo and Eclair mobiles it will be working for sure without any additional flash instalations?

  12. Android Gingerbread Expected to be Released in a Matter of Days

  13. I’m yet to find a writer as excellent as you are. Two thumbs up for a great job!

  14. Mario says:

    This is great stuff, keep up the great work.

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