HP’s Upcoming Slate Device Meets Flash Player and Adobe AIR

Be sure to check out a very exciting blog post highlighting both Flash Player and Adobe AIR running on HP’s upcoming slate device.

Alan Tam, a product marketing manager here at Adobe, demonstrated both Flash Player and Adobe AIR applications running on the device:

3 Responses to HP’s Upcoming Slate Device Meets Flash Player and Adobe AIR

  1. wil says:

    iPad is so close, I understand you can achieve more stability but this is compatible with not much

    You will need to have a really nice UI, deliver it pretty soon, have a deal with amazon and other providers, may be also virgin etc…

    Please add more SmartCard or bigger hard drive or ssd capability to the Slate

    Make something simple that my grand ma (75+) can use to send email, browse internet and video-conf with the family

    iPad missing feature
    – Webcam / camera
    – Adobe Flash
    – USB/eSata
    – How do we sync with NAS (for backup or the HP Media smart) or to read my documents…
    – Word support
    – Ethernet (10/100/1000)
    – HDMi output
    – 256GB SSD/or optional hard drive 256GB (so the price will be lower)
    – 4G instead of 3G
    – Apple left off the Stocks and Weather apps from the iPhone. But we’re a little confused as to why it left out the World Clock app. Besides being a cool app to have, it’s home to the all-important iPhone alarm clock. Stock app, click app, they remove some basic iphone.itouch app, why????
    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/10-things-we-love-and-hate-about-the-ipad-2010-4#but-hey-apple-wheres-the-alarm-clock-6#ixzz0kFNubgdT
    Pasted from
    – Price:

  2. Wil says:

    Instead of word I should have wrote OneNote (or a notebook)

  3. Anything that can play flash is way better then the ipad