Flash Player 10.1 Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Today I’m thrilled to announce that Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can get it now. Flash Player 10.1 for Android will be coming later this month – the beta release is currently available in the Android Market.

In this post, I’d like to share some of the top new PC-specific features, many of which have mobile implications as well, as I discussed in an earlier blog post about the engineering efforts behind Flash Player 10.1. In this post, I’ll cover the work we did to improve performance, power management and video, and discuss the new multi-touch and private browsing capabilities, as well as our work to provide a better Flash Player experience for Mac users.

Performance and Power Management

With Flash Player 10.1 we aligned our development efforts to create a single runtime that works across desktops and devices. Performance and power efficiency was a huge focus since different devices have varying sized processors and memory, and we needed to ensure Flash Player 10.1 would work across all of them. So we made a number of changes to Flash Player that directly translate to faster execution and reduced resource consumption. We achieved some large gains in reducing the amount of memory used at runtime, particularly for bitmap-intensive apps. The ActionScript virtual machine received some targeted optimizations, which directly benefit typed AS3 code. And, our release wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t improve the garbage collector – where we tuned its behavior to run more efficiently and better amortize its processing over the application’s lifetime.

As noted above, the team invested a lot of time in memory optimization. Tabbed browsing is common for PC users, who often have many pages open in their browser at the same time. This is a great timesaver but also uses up lots of RAM. With Flash Player 10.1, we added new functionality that detects when memory is running low. Now, content that runs in Flash Player will automatically shut down when the available memory is running low.

The Flash Player team made a number of improvements to conserve resources, reduce power usage and extend battery life. For example, Flash Player can now automatically reduce the power consumption for content running in the background on a non-visible browser tab to improve performance when users are multitasking. In cases where audio is playing in the background, playback fidelity is maintained.

Some significant changes were made to Flash Player 10.1 to re-architect the system for managing timers and events. Without going into the details here (Tinic Uro will share a post next week that covers this topic more comprehensively), the end result is that apps for Flash Player and Adobe AIR will use significantly less CPU when the content is idle and consume less power in the process. These improvements are most pronounced on Macs.

Video Enhancements

From hardware decoding to better buffering, p2p video, multicast and http streaming — there are many improvements in Flash Player 10.1 with regards to web video delivery and playback. For desktops, Flash Player 10.1 introduces hardware-based H.264 video decoding to deliver smooth, high quality video with minimal overhead across supported operating systems. Using available hardware to decode video offloads tasks from the CPU, improving video playback performance, offering smoother frame rates, and reducing system resource utilization.

The addition of HTTP Dynamic Streaming expands the delivery options for high quality live and on-demand media with full adaptive bitrate functionality. This new option enables media publishers to leverage standard HTTP networking infrastructure to help increase capacity, reach, and quality of service for video delivery using standards-based MP4 fragments. Using the Open Source Media Framework, Flash developers can easily leverage this new technology to deploy your video much more quickly. You can download the free tools for HTTP Dynamic Streaming here.

Peer-assisted networking and Multicast is available for Flash Player 10.1 by leveraging Real Time Media Flow Protocol (RTMFP), which enables peers on a network to assist in real time communication and content delivery over the web. Flash Player now supports peer-assisted networking groups, which allows an application to segment its users and send messages and data between members of the group. Application level multicast allows for one (or a few)-to-many streaming of continuous live video streams as well as real-time audio/video chat applications.

Enhanced RTMP streaming and buffering features will also greatly improve the video viewing experience for Flash Player users. Stream reconnect lets Flash Player 10.1 allow an RTMP stream to continue to play through the buffer even if the connection is disrupted, thereby making media experiences more tolerant of short term network failures and enabling uninterrupted video playback. When a connection is re-established, the stream resumes playback. Developers can add stream re-connection logic in ActionScript to re-establish server connection and resume streaming with limited disruption in the video.

New to Flash Player 10.1, Smart seek can easily make using Flash Player a DVR-like experience. Smart seek allows the video viewer to seek within a new “back” buffer so viewers can easily rewind or fast forward video without Flash Player calling back to the server, thus reducing the start time after a seek. Smart seek can speed up seeking performance of streamed videos and enable the creation of slow motion, double time, or “instant replay” experiences for streaming video. With buffered stream catch-up, developers can set a target latency threshold that triggers slightly accelerated video playback to help ensure that live video streaming stays in sync with real time over extended playback periods. Finally, Fast Switch benefits Dynamic Streaming with RTMP to improve switching times between bitrates, reducing the time to receive the best viewing experience for available bandwidth and processing speed. Users no longer need to wait for the buffer to play through, which can result in a faster bitrate transition time and an uninterrupted video playback experience, regardless of bandwidth fluctuations or client computing power.


Many companies are beginning to rollout touch-enabled devices, and not just smartphones, but tablets as well as PCs like the HP Touchsmart. With Flash Player 10.1, you can take advantage of the latest hardware and operating system user interaction capabilities using a new set of ActionScript 3 APIs for multi-touch and native gesture events, creating the ability to interact with multiple objects simultaneously or work with native gestures, such as pinch, scroll, rotate, scale, and two-finger tap. Multi-touch may be one of the most important features for developers and designers creating new content with the Flash Platform, knowing your implementations may be easily extended to devices with touch capabilities. To get started using multi-touch with Flash Player 10.1, check out this ADC resource.

Browser Privacy Mode

Flash Player 10.1 abides by the host browser’s private browsing mode (where local data and browsing activity are not cached on the local system) providing a consistent private browsing mechanism between SWF and HTML content. Private local shared objects (LSOs) behave like their traditional variants as long as Flash Player is in memory, and LSOs created during private browsing are removed when the user returns to conventional browsing mode. Existing shared objects are preserved but inaccessible until private browsing is turned off.

Mac-specific Improvements

Our Mac engineers, with some help from the Safari team, made significant changes to Flash Player for Macs. Here’s a partial list of the work we completed for Argo. First and foremost, Flash Player 10.1 is a full-fledged Cocoa app (though legacy Carbon support remains for some browsers that require it). We now leverage Cocoa events, use Cocoa UI for our dialogs, leverage Core Audio for sound, Core Graphics for printing support, and use Core Foundation for bundle-style text.

Mac performance was also an explicit focus for us. One improvement we made is the use of a double-buffered OpenGL context for improved full screen playback efficiency. We also investigated a number of compile-time optimizations using Xcode to improve our overall execution speed of Flash Player on Macs. Rendering performance was improved by our use of Core Animation. For Macs running OS X 10.6 or greater, we leverage the hardware acceleration in Core Animation to dramatically improve the efficiency of displaying web pages which combine both SWF and HTML content. The details and performance implications of the Core Animation work are outlined in Tinic’s blog post . The overall performance improvements of Flash Player for Mac users will result in faster video playback, more efficient CPU utilization, and greater battery life.

As you can see, don’t let the version number fool you! Flash Player 10.1 is more than a “dot upgrade.” It was a monumental undertaking including some significant architectural improvements and a long list of enhancements that will help the more than 3 million Flash designers and developers continue to move web innovation forward. We can’t wait to see what you develop. Be sure to check out the new Flash Player 10.1 product pages and ADC content to learn more.

Additionally, today we announced the immediate availability of the Adobe AIR 2 runtime. Starting today, you can download and install the new version at get.adobe.com/air/. Developers can now deploy applications built for AIR 2 on Mac OS, Windows and Linux. Read more about AIR 2 on the AIR Team blog .

Paul Betlem
Flash Player Engineering

184 Responses to Flash Player 10.1 Now Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

  1. Andre says:

    Amazing effort…
    A huge thank you to all of the Flash Player team 🙂

  2. Ville Helin says:

    Awesome work guys! Christmas came early this year. 🙂 Thank you! Placed an order for Nexus One, can’t wait to see it run our flash games.

  3. Yoan says:

    Flash player? I’m sorry but… wasn’t that technology dead? Weird… HTML5 CSS3 have you ever heard of it?

  4. brad says:

    That was either sarcastic and funny, or serious and retarded.

  5. mpopp says:

    What is the state regarding 64bit versions and WebM support?

  6. Genjinaro says:

    64-bit Ubuntu (Lucid Lynx) download? Where can I find this? Or are we on the waiting list?

  7. awe_cz says:

    Unfortunately 64bit version is no longer available;(

  8. Sebastien says:

    Any 64-bit update in the works anytime soon? It seems especially important for those of us trying out your 64-bit plugin now that APSB10-14 (http://www.adobe.com/support/security/bulletins/apsb10-14.html) vuln has been reported. Thanks for the great work

  9. lalo loud says:

    Cool, but where is the much touted arm version for linux?

  10. Developer says:

    Where is the debugger version?

  11. Hi guys!
    Congratulations on all the improvements on the new Flash Player 10.1. Congratulations on the article too.
    You’ve done an excellent work.

  12. Nic says:

    You imbecile, Flash isnt dead, and far from it. Stick your narrow minded vision, and get left behind in high quality, interactive content.

  13. CK says:

    why do you guys make it so hard to get ahold of the MSI files for network distribution?

  14. Tibi says:

    I can’t install it on IE, this is not good, a common user will never install this, how come it is more hard to install this one?

  15. Paul Betlem says:

    Please file a bug so we can investigate:

  16. jenchang says:

    @tibi: are you trying to install from the player download center over a prerelease version of the AX control? the download manager has a bug where it can’t swap in the new .ocx while the existing .ocx of the same name is already in use. you can either unistall the prerelease version or get the new .exe (no download manager) from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/. if that doesn’t work, please file a bug.

  17. Carl Morten says:

    Congratulations on todays releases.
    Creaza have developed a test bench to try out your new Flash Player 10.1.
    Creaza MovieEditor is a full-featured timeline-based video editor, similar to traditional desktop-based video editing tools. There’s just one big difference: MovieEditor is web-based and uses Flash Player 10.1.
    It is available for all end users.
    Best regards
    Carl Morten

  18. miles says:

    Is the webOS version coming soon?

  19. Tibi says:

    I use windows 7 ultimate. I’ve unsistalled the flash player rebooted the computer 10 times , set the security settings but still no luck, this is nuts!
    I don’t used the prerelease version. I had it installed but like I said I’ve unsistalled it 10 times so far.
    I just can’t make it work.

  20. anon says:

    I had the pre-release version 10.1 RC7 debug version.
    I ran uninstaller and installed today’s 10.1 debug version. FF, Chome works fine. IE 8, just doesnt seem to install the flash player, even though the active-x installation wizard seemed to complete fine.
    On Win7-Pro-64bit

  21. anon says:

    Duh!. Ignore previous.
    It installed fine in IE.
    I was using http://www.adobe.com to test if flash was installed and it kept showing me the image for CS5 rather than the swf banner and I thought install had failed.

  22. Paul Betlem says:

    Glad you’re all set.

  23. Paul Betlem says:

    We’re working on 64-bit versions, but I’m unable to share a specific schedule at this point. We do understand the incredibly strong interest in its availability.

  24. Paul Betlem says:

    Please share your feedback once you try it out.

  25. Ed Marshall says:

    Just to clarify: When you say “64-bit”, do you mean 64-bit Linux, as well as Windows?

  26. Dylan Taylor says:

    I would really appreciate an expedited release of the 64-bit Linux version. Thanks for all the hard work on Linux compatibility! Hopefully this release will fix all the performance issues from the previous version.

  27. CARAMAZZA says:


  28. heheje456 says:

    Serious and retarded? Sounds like you.

  29. Aizaz says:

    wow excellent i am amazed by the post and improvements you did. I found an interesting thing in you Adobe guys you love them more who hate you … hey come on im not talking about Apple…
    One apple every day keep the adobe away 🙂

  30. Rush-me says:

    Thats a great news. Thanks Flash Player team.
    BTW is it supports multi threading?

  31. kmare says:

    thank you for all this work. It really sounds great. I’d like to know more about (really needed for my company’s needs):
    – 64bit linux support (i know everybody asks about it, had to do the same :P)
    – video acceleration on linux (yes, those APIs really exist for quite some time already)
    – nokia N900 support? (9.4 is getting quite old)
    – is WebM planned?
    thank you in advance and congratulations about the new release

  32. mac_user says:

    Any way to stop this activating the nvidia card on the new macbook pro? It’s killing battery life, especially in firefox where it stays on nvidia even once you close any tabs using flash, until you quit the whole browser.
    The core i5/7 could handle video just fine in 10.0 without the battery life impact or screen tearing that the nvidia card brings.
    10.1 reduces battery life by an hour or more.

  33. Alessandro Pentori says:

    I need a 64 bit version for linux, I can’t upgrade until that release becomes available…
    I wonder why the 64bit version is second-class player?
    All the world is slowly migrating to 64bit, please wake up

  34. kesasar says:

    Great job : now you can work on a 64 bit version as 64bit browser are already there like IE or will be very soon here like Firefox

  35. Inas L says:

    Great job you guys! Special thanks for every engineers who work on this monumental release (i know engineers behind every great products tends to be forgotten…ironic..)
    I see that people post sarcastic comments above, but if you keep making FP better, people will turn to love FP very much just like i do 😉

  36. ninez says:

    Yoan | June 10, 2010 3:43 PM
    Flash player? I’m sorry but… wasn’t that technology dead? Weird… HTML5 CSS3 have you ever heard of it?
    HTML5 CSS3 has a long way to go before it is suitable,
    especially when it comes to rendering, speed and responsiveness. so far, i have not been impressed AT ALL.
    especially, if you are using it on a mobile device: ie:
    iPhone, android or maybe even an iPad. HTML5 CSS3 is brutally slow!
    flash dead?!?? nope, very popular. used extensively, pretty much everywhere..
    i suppose java is dead too?!?!
    Divx too?? lol..

  37. ethana2 says:

    I’m an Ubuntu user, but the *proper* format for Windows installers is .msi, *not* .exe. If developers would honor that better, Windows security might not be in quite the state it’s in today.
    As such, .msi should be the default download for Windows end-users.

  38. Tahir Ahmed says:

    Brilliant. Thanks a lot FlashPlayer team; you guys have done a marvelous job.
    – Tahir.

  39. kpeezy says:

    no comment

  40. Alex says:

    why offline silent installation does not work anymore ?
    install_flash_player.exe /silent
    is there a new switch or is it disabled ?
    Thanx for your help

  41. what about Flash Player for Nokia N900?

  42. Hi,
    Greate achievement….
    Flash Player 10.1 is a major upgrade which improves performance and power management (memory and CPU usage should now be much more optimized and videos should play more smoothly), and adds new features like multi-touch, browser privacy, Mac specific improvements.

  43. Skyguy9999 says:

    Would it be possible for someone at Adobe to spend some time simplifying the obtaining of the Adobe Flash Player, so it isn’t worse than two root canals and pulling half your teeth to get? Thanks

  44. Nameless says:

    Where is the stability?
    Where is the 64BIT version?
    Where is the Full HW accelerating?
    Doesnt matter what you try running in this crap. Your CPU will burn. 120% usage is the normal?
    Adobe… No comment.

  45. Rob says:

    How do you want to stay competitive, when you can’t keep up with technology development? 64bit has been around for over 7 years now and you still didn’t manage to catch up. Seriously guys, is this a joke?
    Thankfully technology is moving away from flash. Flash description as the cancer of the Internet is well deserved.
    You should really rethink your priorities or simply let it die.

  46. Benjamin says:

    Still a shame that linux is left out, doesn’t really enforce the “paltform independant” feature of the Flash 🙁 Watching youtube in HD on linux is still a pain in the (..), years after its introduction, even if some free flash implementation have already implemented hardware decompression. Adobe is too small of a firm to care about this ?

  47. Manuel Bua says:

    I really hope a final 64 bit version for Linux will see the light, hopefully in the years to come: it’s a pure shame 64bit support is still fragmented this way at this time..

  48. heapifyman says:

    I uninstalled the RC7 prerelease and installed the official 10.1 release but my plugin page still shows as Flash’s version.
    Did the installation fail or do release and RC 7 have the same version number?

  49. motofix says:

    Why there’s no hardware acceleration on Linux ??

  50. Maikel Sibbald says:

    FINALLY, THANK you so much!!!
    Ladies and gentlemen, please….. the medal of honor for the Flash Player Team!!!!
    multithreading FP 11 right 😉

  51. Tibi says:

    SO could someone tell me what to do to install it on IE. I don’t want to reinstall the window 🙁

  52. rlcabral says:

    Is the RTMP security issue fixed for real on this new version? Or will Adobe keep suing developers for finding leaks, instead of fix it?

  53. Ktu says:

    knock knock
    Great Job Adobs. Keep it up.

  54. Jim Anderson says:

    Adobe Flash 10 for Linux repeatedly crashed my computer. So when I learned that version 10.1 was out ?I tried to upgrade without success. the first thing I have to say is I searched Adobes web pages and nowhere was there any help for the problems I list below. I use Ubuntu 10.04. The download page for Adobe flash 10.1 seems to have a number of problems. Since I use Ubuntu I try to use the version for Ubuntu. I clicked agree and launch now then launch application. At this point I get a dialog with a title 10.04 partner channel . If you decline the installation aborts. So what is the 10.04 partner channel? The 20 word explanation provided makes it sound like spy ware is coming. Who are the partners and will I be able to decline to install each unnamed bit of software?

  55. Peter_Pan says:

    If I right click on a Flash banner/animation, I can chose low, medium or high quality.
    Could you please make a setting where my choise can be saved as default on all future Flash animations?
    The system fan on my 5 years old notebook always go to high when browsing sites with Flash because the default choise is set to High.
    If I could chose to always show Flash in low quality, I would not have that problem.

  56. I am also experiencing problems with adobe flash. Specifically when I open to many videos it slows down my computer something awfull. The thing is I didn’t have this problem with the previous version of flash.

  57. jk says:

    So, basically, while a lot of us were expecting 64 bit Linux versions and hardware acceleration, what Adobe did was…cancelling the 64bit beta.
    While Adobe says they’re “committed” to delivering a 64 bit version, there’s not a single word about ‘days’, ‘weeks’, ‘months’ or ‘years’. The AMD64 architecture has been available for 7 years.
    What exactly are the Linux specific improvements, and what “generic” improvements are also available on Linux?

  58. Jam says:

    Sweet. Now imagine what you guys could do if you wern’t so lazy! (that is not a dig at adobe btw but a cetain fruity CEO’s comments).

  59. Rosyna says:

    What does “full-fledged Cocoa app” mean with regard to Flash player? Flash Player is a plugin?
    What was it using before CoreGraphics? QuickDraw?

  60. LG says:

    I stopped using Flashplayer now that Fedora 13 natively supports WebM codec. The only reason I required Flash in the past was Youtube and now that many of the videos are WebM encoded Flashplayer is dead to me. So long suckers.

  61. Stephen Pohl says:

    Hi Alex,
    The switch has indeed changed. You can now install silently as follows:
    install_flash_player.exe -install -[player type]
    More precisely, for ActiveX:
    install_flash_player.exe -install -activex
    And Plugin:
    install_flash_player.exe -install -plugin
    Remember to download the correct installer for both types first, of course.

  62. GREG BATMARX says:

    Do it earlier than later!

  63. jfhgdfhdfh says:

    This is indeed a major upgrade.
    Please continue this race upwards with:
    >WebM support.
    >64bit on all platforms
    (seriously it’s getting really old, not funny anymore)
    Please make it possible to select text from flash content. It would make a lot of people’s lives easier. You’re also required to follow some guidelines of accessibility when working with the government.

  64. JBurger says:

    I certainly hope so!!! Though they failed to mention it in this post, according to them Flash 10.1 for Palm webOS will be available in the first half of 2010, which means this month! It says that whenever you click a flash object in the Pre’s web browser and get redirected to the flash download page… They better intend to keep true to their word!

  65. daniel says:

    why don’t you take linux a litle more serious now that you are supporting android? the linux desktops shouldn’t be forgotten. i can only see your death in this are since youtube is ditching your slow tecnology with html5 + webm.

  66. vs8 says:

    Do it earlier than later!
    Adobe you’re going to lose a lot of people!
    Thank you for you half-assed work.

  67. Davsol says:

    I know everybody is asking for 64bit linux flash. But I think is for something, WE NEED IT!!!!!

  68. Flash64 says:

    Need a 64-bit build here.

  69. Nameless says:

    Flash like dinosaurs…. big, stupid, they need to die out.. the html5 meteor is on a way… pray Adobe.

  70. Nameless says:

    Flash like dinosaurs…. big, stupid, they need to die out.. the html5 meteor is on a way… pray Adobe.

  71. wtfadobe says:

    where is the x86_64 build? the linux world is mostly 64bit.

  72. Doug says:

    Is there a new setting in mms.cfg that will disable H.264 GPU decoding?

  73. Seriously? says:

    It sure would be nice if we could have an official 64-bit Linux release BEFORE HTML5 takes over.

  74. Damien says:

    Hardware Acceleration on Linux and please release a 64 bit Linux version.

  75. morris says:

    No WebM support? No GNU/Linux 64 bits support? No GNU/Linux video acceleration support?
    Is Adobe is also trying to kill flash? It _seems_.

  76. Disappointed says:

    It’s very sad that Adobe leaves everyone who doesn’t use a legacy architecture with an open 0-day vulnerability and the only information is … beta is closed.  We remain committed to delivering 64-bit support in a future …
    Please, couldn’t you at least release a fixed version of the previous flash version which had 64 bit support?
    I guess, as a security-aware user I should avoid Flash like the devil avoids the holy water…

  77. sergio says:

    we need 64 BIT linux support! it’s so ugly try to run a 32 bit.

  78. 64bit might be a nice thing but you are and should be proud of huge list of new capabilities!
    However, it must be super frustrating to you (I know it is to me) after working 2 years on this release to get ZERO press releases on adobe.com. This incredible oversight leaves the blogs and news folks to tell the story. Yes, the Adobe blogs are doing their best and not a bad job either but I’ve read so many news reports making 10.1 sound like nothing more than a patch for the recent security issues. The thing is, a reasonable person who didn’t know what you’ve been spending all this time on (on what is arguably a poor number 10.1 instead of 10.5).
    For my sake and adobe’s I sincerely hope they produce some press releases like now!
    P.S. Congratulations! Though I hear there’s still ANOTHER 10.1 coming this month?

  79. YopSolo says:

    Thx a lot for your AMAZING job 🙂

  80. Nate Wiebe says:

    Great work, but sadly I won’t be able to use it until the 64bit linux version is released. Sadly I’m going to stick with 10.0.45. HW Accel would also be awesome on linux. Good luck guys.

  81. Paul says:

    Another one wanting 64-bit a Linux version here.
    I’ve been forced to use the 32-bit version for security which has all sorts of usability issues.
    It’s really terrible.

  82. FoH says:

    There’s a lot of whining about 64-bit versions not being available, but I’m guessing the reason that the 64-bit alpha version for Linux is removed is because you’re working on releasing a 64-bit version for all platforms.
    However, in the meantime could you please at least clarify which architecture the users are downloading. Even though there’s only a 32-bit version available, one can get a bit confused by the auto-detection of OS etc, since no architecture is specified.

  83. Sanwal says:

    Thank you for the prompt fix for security hole. Flash were/is/will be the best experience on the web.

  84. Paul says:

    Everyone, *please* stop asking Adobe for 64-bit Linux support. Don’t you understand that the Flash developers are simply *incapable* of writing portable code?
    I can’t believe you have all failed to grasp this simple fact, after so many years of empty promises and poor-quality, half-assed “beta” attempts.
    Please leave them alone. Let them feel good about a release for a change. They really need your encouragement, not your harsh, unfair criticism of their glaring lack of ability.
    – Paul

  85. elvisa says:

    I’m honestly amazed that 64bit is still such an afterthought for Adobe.
    64bit development is the de facto standard for most development houses. Yet Adobe continues to lag behind in these efforts.
    With the current critical vulnerabilities in Flash 10.0, Flash 10.1 is the only proposed upgrade from Adobe. And now 64bit users get to wait around for Adobe to spend who-knows-how-long getting ready for a release, leaving them exposed.
    Flash is now considered the most dangerous application where I work, and there are talks of removing it from the corporate SOE for the safety of users.
    Come on Adobe, time to pull your socks up. No wonder HTML5 is always brought up on the same pages as Flash discussion.

  86. Jonas says:

    Please release a 64-bit Linux version!

  87. shane says:

    This is exactly why something that is an essential part of the web experience, i.e. multimedia, should not be controlled by one company. Dropping 64bit Linux support is not doing you any good in the showdown against HTML5 + WebM. Hopefully this move will give a further boost to open standards and open source. Thanks Adobe.

  88. shane says:

    This is exactly why something that is an essential part of the web experience, i.e. multimedia, should not be controlled by one company. Dropping 64bit Linux support is not doing you any good in the showdown against HTML5 + WebM. Hopefully this move will give a further boost to open standards and open source. Thanks Adobe.

  89. Bruce says:

    10.1 is horrible. It’s terrible. I have installed it on a few machines as the updates were available. Bad mistake on my part. I have never had flash flickering problems that I have seen other report before, then along came this release.
    All the machines I installed it on flicker so badly that half the internet is unusable.
    Reverted back to the previous version.
    Is it really that difficult to release something that works?

  90. Rovanion says:

    I am okey with no video acceleration for Linux since WebM will take over the market soon enough.

  91. Chris says:

    What about Nokia N900 ?

  92. Sebastien says:

    @FoH It’s not so much “whining” about 64-bit support (well, maybe that “GREG BATMARX” is whining) but concern that us 64-bit users are being left out in the cold when there is an open, exploitable vulnerability that is affecting us. We do not mean to sound impatient but Adobe seems to classify the problem as “fixed” after they asked several of us 64-bit user to try out Flash 10 in 64-bit. A lot of us signed up to help Adobe test 64-bit Flash and a lot of us feel that our efforts were in vain. I am no fan of Apple, or Steve Jobs but his complaint about slow development and a mobile Flash product that Adobe could never deliver seems more and more valid by the day.
    This situation would be less infuriating if Adobe allowed at least someone to give us an answer other than “… I’m unable to share a specific schedule at this point.” or the nonsense about US Securities laws that another Adobe developer tried to peddle.
    It’s not like we are asking for a specific day of release, a quarter, half or even a year of release would be appreciated in this respect.
    P.S. To everyone who, like me, really wants that 64-bit version, please stop typing in ALL CAPS like a jackass. You make us all look bad.

  93. Patricia Younglas says:

    fpr a year now i have been trying to upgrade this program and cant. i dont even know what a URL is please help. thank you

  94. S.shri hari says:

    Adobe flash player is nice

  95. Kirsten M. says:

    Adobe Flashplayer 10.1 should only be released after ALL the bugs are dealt with. I installed it and it crashed my computer several times. I finally uninstalled it and refuse to use it til I don’t have to reboot my computer to finish an e-mail or a chat. I give this product at this time a less than a star rating. BTW I am sick of the “plug in is needed” messages to. I will install this product when it is bug free no other time.

  96. Cade says:

    Honestly, i am an adobe fan, when i saw the news that flash player 10.1 and AIR2 were out i was incredibly excited, i just installed it and my flagship flash application now runs like a dog!
    Not to mention that my AIR Applications have some issue where they either don’t recognize that AIR is installed and tries to install again, or when opening the application it says Adobe Air Updater Installing… and does nothing.
    Not happy

  97. Cade says:

    WOW, i feel like an absolute idiot, i just restarted my computer, and 10.1 runs like a dream!!!!
    Still yet to sort out the adobe AIR issue though,

  98. XChema says:

    Another vote for:
    – 64bit linux support
    – video acceleration on linux (VDPAU maybe?)

  99. Chris Rankin says:

    Adobe’s schedule for releasing a 64 bit version of Flash 10.1 does not interest me. What does interest me is the current 64 bit Flash plugin with a thundering great security hole in. So how about an updated 64 bit version of Flash 10.0 with just the security hole FIXED, please? Is that too much to ask? Because the current choices for 64 bit Linux users are:
    a) browse the web with a vulnerable plugin, or
    b) throw Flash into the dustbin.
    I would humbly suggest that users who chose option (b) are not going to be interested in reinstalling any 10.1 plugin at a later date.

  100. Steve B says:

    Trash Trash Trash
    Fresh Clean install it won’t even read youtube.
    “you need the lateset version of BLA BLA”
    BTW This win 7 64bit is CLEAN…

  101. Garry Fortik says:

    The 64-bit linux flash player uses 100% CPU. When playing 1080p flash, it brings the video to a halt. Please fix this and release a 64-bit linux flash player ASAP! If you outcast the developer community (mostly use linux), you outcast yourselves. We are the people who make tech decisions. If we castrate you, that’s it, you’re finished.

  102. Faraz says:

    Thanx adob flash player , i wil be thanksful to u

  103. ben says:

    WHERE is the 64bit version???????
    is this some kind of joke? had this been an open standard i wouldn’t give a crap about the delay.. but this is a widely used solution, created by a big company.. what are you guys doing in your “labs” all day??? the earlier 64bit edition are buggy… fix it, release new version asap…
    this reflects really badly on adobe. don’t make me sympathize with apple!

  104. tt says:

    The Flash Player team made a number of improvements to conserve resources, reduce power usage and extend battery life. For example, Flash Player can now automatically reduce the power consumption for content running in the background on a non-visible browser tab to improve performance when users are multitasking. In cases where audio is playing in the background, playback fidelity is maintained.

  105. flash says:

    thanks for this update 🙂

  106. Sleepy says:

    Hi Stephen,
    the silent switch for the uninstall_flash_player.exe seems also to be changed, whats the new one for silent uninstall?

  107. Alex Butin says:

    Good news, but I’m still wondered about Flash Lite4/10.1 especially for Symbian. Is someshere (pre-)alpha/beta releases? Where will available final version?

  108. Gianluca says:

    Disappointed for message about closing the beta and no fix for all the guys testing 64 bit beta in Linux these months.
    Right now I deinstalled the security impacted plugin:
    # rm /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so
    rm: remove regular file `/usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so’? y
    Only thing to say:
    The Flash is dead. Long live the HTML5 !

  109. Chukwuemeka says:

    Dem go dey look I go dey go

  110. DRT says:

    Is Adobe out of their mind in changing the standard switches yet again for installing products silently??? It was /s or /silent. It was also /qn for the .msi standards, and now it has been changed to -install???? Are you NUTS??? I’ve just spent the better part of this morning (2 hours) trying to troubleshoot why my deployment did not work!!!! This change was documented NOWHERE!!!! Adobe’s documentation stinks!! You don’t release a product and then decide to release the documentation!! You release both at the same time!! There was no hint of a change in syntax, not even when I logged into our license re-distribution site!!
    I am extremely unhappy about this, if you can’t tell. I can’t wait ’till we cease to use Adobe products, since they are now worse than Microsoft in the amount of patching that is needed now.

  111. libray says:

    Thanks for the Solaris prerelease. I’ve updated to it and it seems to be working fine.

  112. heager says:

    Flash 10 critically compromised the security of computers everywhere as well as driving the performance of browsing into the ground for many tyears with flash adverts (99% CPU usage for a single advert and failures entering standby mode with the browser in the background).
    FireFox advises that the update to Flash Player 10.1 is *critical*. So I attempt to update.
    In their wisdom, rather than have a simple installer, Adobe have deigned that I first have to install an Adobe download manager and restart FireFox. After this I get the message ‘Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Error:Installation Failed’. No explanation to help diagnose the problem. Closing FireFox, unistalling flash and restarting FireFox and retrying the instatallation gives exactly the same message.
    I don’t blame Steve Jobs for his negative attitude to Flash, I feel the same way. It’s truly pathetic. I’d like to know much of this has been caused by Adobe’s outsourcing of development around the world to cut costs?

  113. jackdaw says:

    i don’t see any mention of Flash DRM anywhere here. does it work with this version? can you list some Flash DRM ASP providers? any idea on how much it costs?

  114. RW Hewitt says:

    Flash 10.1 update may be just wonderful, BUT I’ll never know. I’ve tried 4 times to update and absolutely nothing happens. I did get Adobe DLM added to my Firefox Browser, but now what??? Can’t you people design a simple update to your product. That is all I ask. Just a simple one step update. Do I have to completely uninstall Adobe Flash and then install the newer version? That is just plain stupid engineering. One Flash product for all browsers. Keep it simple folks.

  115. Cthulhu says:

    What about Maemo/N900?!?

  116. Sebastien says:

    So instead of reasonably responding to the community about the 64-bit plugin you guys just pull it entirely? Thank you very much Adobe, very professional.

  117. Allan says:

    So many ungrateful whingers on here. That aside, glad to see Adobe improving and innovating. I mean, without Flash, what does HTML5 have to copy? 😉

  118. Peter says:

    Great stuff.
    What about the 64-bit support? Can’t stand the fact that I can’t play flash on my computer, or that my browser keeps asking for flash even after it’s installed.

  119. Herz says:

    Kann ich den Flash Player warum Nicht Auf meinenen 64 Bit Compiuter instalieren.

  120. ffx says:

    The flash player 10,1,53,64 causes horrible freezes on OSX 10.6.3 if a page with flash movies inside is opened or closed. There is a serious memory bug in it, please fix it.
    If you investigate in the internet, there are a lot OSX users with this problem caused by the recent flash player.

  121. David says:

    Is there anyway to disable the feature that “Flash Player will automatically shut down when the available memory is running low” ?

  122. Mshaghuley Mcharo Ishika says:

    I wish to chat and or use mobile text message but all the time I’m told to install Adobe Flash Player 9. How? Please help!!

  123. Erik Langeland says:

    Silent uninstall strings:
    For the plugin:
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil10h_Plugin.exe -uninstall plugin
    For the ActiveX:
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil10h_ActiveX.exe -uninstall activex
    Without the “plugin” or “activex” at the end of the command, these appear to remove all installed Flash players.

  124. Mary Kinser says:

    Flash Player is so full of SPYWARE that every time I scan for spy-ware I have to do a restart to get rid of it. When installed it slows my computer way down. How do I solve this problem. It only recently started doing this.
    Very Frustrated.

  125. Alcatraz says:

    With all due respect I have been a fan of using Macromedia / Adobe products for the past 14 years. But this time I will have to criticise Adobe for the issue of the 64 bit flash player.
    Windows Xp x64 has been with us for about 6 years. Things changed drastically and we moved on to Vista x64 which was not a good contender from M$. Finally we got a decent OS running on discrete resources and where is the 64-bit player?
    It is very frustrating for ANY person using a 64 bit OS, 64 bit browser and Adobe flash Player. IT is HUMILIATING for Adobe to release a masterpiece such as Adobe Flash CS5 (which for the record RUNS FLAWLESSLY on windows 7 x64), people like us designers/developers producing flash content with CS5 and yet being UNABLE to view the Flash content WE produce in a 64 bit browser. It is downright nonsense. I cannot believe that Adobe ran into problems doing a simple flash player when they created the package for DEVELOPING stuff for that player…. It does not make sense.
    At least for a while you could simply release a “Wrapper” application which would allow 64 bit browsers to run the 32 bit plugin. It’s definitely no big deal. You would get many people happy out there……
    As for the rest congrats on the massive improvements you have done on flash …. Now just think for a while about your clients and the developer community……

  126. Jeremiah says:

    GET RID OF ADOBE DOWNLOAD MANAGER (DLM)! This junk keeps cluttering up my network with it’s vulnerabilities. It’s completely unnecessary.
    As a vulnerability and patch management engineer for a secure government agency that deals with sensitive taxpayer data, if there was any possible way for me to get Flash and Acrobat out of my network, I would. My taxpaying customers deserve better, and I’m sick of allocating hundreds of manhours just to keep the Adobe vulnerabilities covered — especially considering all the other security work I’m trying to get done in the middle of unprecedented budget cuts.

  127. Paul Betlem says:

    We’ll contact you directly to resolve your concerns.

  128. jennifer chang says:

    hi jeremiah,
    we’ll pass your feedback on the DLM along to our business team.
    if it would suit your needs better, we have a free licensing program that allows network administrators to have control over how flash player is distributed and updated to their users. that program can be found on http://www.adobe.com/products/players/fpsh_distribution1.html.
    we are also posting our updated Admin Guide today on http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/flash_player_admin_guide.html.
    we are committed to addressing security vulnerabilities in a proactive way, and this means regular updates of flash player. as you know, the internet can be a dangerous place. we won’t be idle in trying to protect our users from those with malicious intentions.
    — jennifer (sr. program manager, flash player)

  129. What about FreeBSD?

  130. Suzie Sorenson says:

    I have been having trouble getting on Facebook’s farm town goes to 84% the stops at the bottom of the page it said if you are having trouble uninstall adobe fash abd down load the version of flash.. now I can get on at all for facebook or the farms

  131. lando muana says:


  132. Tom D says:

    Finally!!! Thanks Adobe Team. But I still can’t find the beta version for Android in the Android Market. What’s the search term?

  133. vanessabrown says:

    i would love to start worken with adobe flashplayer frm wat i heard frm friends they are great and im ready

  134. flash error says:

    Installing Flash 10.1 on my Mac with OS X 10.6.4 and Safari 5 cause an issue with MLB At-Bat. The audio would only play for a few seconds and then quit.

  135. Vicky says:

    how do i unistall my old flash player to install the new version?

  136. Paul Betlem says:

    Its not necessary – you can install the new version on top of the old version. If you want to manually uninstall, instructions are here:

  137. zherom says:

    Bloated Adobe-ware.. Why do we have to use download manager (ADM) for a simple plugin installation? Browsers suppose to check for updates automatically. Buggy, with primitive feature set (can one stop caching/downloading video stream without closing the page?). What’s so great about it? I had more troubles from Flash player in the past few years than from all other windows programs and OS itself.
    Proprietary software should not be allowed to dominate and control internet content or features related to it.

  138. DEBDUTI says:

    Really very great job!

  139. Drew says:

    I’ve been developing for Flash since version 3 and have managed to stay positive about each new twist, from learning AS1, then being told it’s all about AS2, then the completely new world of AS3 while all the time paying out to upgrade to new versions of the IDE.
    Yet the latest “hoop to jump through” annoys me more than any before, because I dread to think of my customers and their customers going through it.
    You have made the installation process for this player so fiddly compared to the beautiful simplicity of directly patching in new versions in the past.
    What’s the point of a Download Manager that requires me to restart the browser just to run it and then fails to actually install Flash Player 10.1, without even telling me why? That should simply never happen. No helpful message, no FAQ link, no support form.
    “failed” is the word alright. What now? I don’t know how to resolve this, so how are the end users of a site supposed to know, or care?
    Expecting site visitors – not techies – to be ok with this install process is unfair and damaging to the future of Flash.
    I’m seriously concerned about putting those who pay me through it, since *their* customers will see it as a failing of my clients to provide a simple, effective site.
    Nobody cares how the job gets done and you are fast using your ubiquity, so throwing in obstacles *yourselves* is very foolish.
    I do hope you can get back on track.

  140. ihociddo says:

    Garry Fortik is right. The 64-bit linux flash player uses 100% CPU. After ten minutes my computer stop. The plugin is useless because i can’t use it. And now there is no support.
    I need also support for 64 bit Linux, please.

  141. nel says:

    cant wait to use it

  142. neutrinus says:

    if adobe dont want me to use flash on my amd64 machine….. sorry 🙂
    apt-get install gnash

  143. Robert says:

    I am having a problem installing from the adobe site and when the Install manager pops up it gives me a (Error: Installation Failed) with the only option to close the manager. Then it pops up the ActiveX and says it can not register. I have gone thru all the steps on the website for troubleshooting, Ran uninstall, Closed Apps, tried changing my Security levels. Nada! So if you can help please let me know.
    Thank you

  144. John pandian says:

    I want to down load a adope flash player for my nokia 2690 mobile mobile. What shall i do for it? Please reply

  145. Jules says:

    Since the update my 64x win7 has been running flash files extremely slow and videos lagging… It seems okay on all the other computers which are 32x xp.

  146. Debra L. Woods says:

    I tried to install the 10.1 flash and now I get the message and “installation error: registration could not be verified” can someone please help me?

  147. I’m having a terrible time with the latest flash player. I keep getting a message saying ActiveX control for Flash Player could not be registered. I go to the support page which says I have v installed….
    I have uninstalled using your uninstaller, re-installed tried system restore (the previous version was working fine until a few days ago) you name it I’ve tried it and still it won’t work in IE. Firefox & Chrome are fine but the most popular browser by far is IE so why doesn’t it work???
    I am using XP SP3

  148. jay says:

    perfect! thank you!

  149. Brian Lake says:

    I am having the exact same issue. Working with my IT dept to resolve it, but now on Day 3 and no prevail. How ’bout it, Paul Betlem… what’s the fix here?

  150. David Young says:

    Same goes with me. I have installed Chrome to visit sites that have lots of flash embedded and it works well. Just can’t get it to install into IE8, as you have stated – same message and same procedure to uninstall and reinstall. Have been trying for four days with no luck. Searching forums..uninstalling..installing..reinstalling..trying forum suggestions – but no luck. It is a pain to have to switch back and forth between browsers dependant on Flash Content.
    I may try this solution http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/163/fb1634cb.html but do not like changing registry too often.
    With the number of users that I have found searching forums for solutions , this is abviously a widespread problem . Come on Adobe.HOW ABOUT A SIMPLE FIX (SOLUTION)

  151. jim says:

    When oh when will flashplayer be available for the Palm?

  152. paolo says:

    Avete fatto un prodotto pessimo per windows vista che blocca sempre ie… fate una patch se no è un casino

  153. rick says:

    I installed last night on my Acer Revo 3610. Broswer is current Firefox. Tried steaming The Daily Show. No sound and there is a occasional flicker. Video is a bit crisper but I will revert to prior version until you get past all the bugs. This release version is still to buggy to be a release. Pushed out to early in my book, but I am sure management made that decision.

  154. dale says:

    Why do we have to use that stupid download manager, just stick the msi and exe on your website, why should I wait days just so I can download an msi to distribute to my users. flash works ok but the way we have to download it sucks!

  155. Paul Betlem says:

    I’d encourage you to file a bug so we have a forum to ask you questions and resolve the problem.

  156. Paul Betlem says:

    We haven’t seen this behavior, but a number of people are encountering the issue. If you could file a bug, it would help us isolate the issue:

  157. Paul Betlem says:

    We are investigating the issue, but have not been able to reproduce it yet. Would you be willing to file a bug so we can work with you on a solution?

  158. Grant says:

    I keep hearing how DLM screws up our computers. Also that Flash does not work properly on Windows 7 64 bit OS. Until Adobe (Paul Betiem) clearly addresses this and gives us an option to install Flash without DLM I will just have to do without it. Sorry Adobe. You have lost credibility with my and I have been using After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro etc. for over seven years. You might say that I back up my loyalty with lots of cash in your pocket. Please let us know when you decide to answer the questions and issue upgrades responsibly.

  159. Jens Panok says:

    Windows 7 64, DLM fails. If you want to distribute useless products, they should at least work. Why can’t you give us a decent download? You do not need to track a bug, the solution is already evident: remove DLM – solved.

  160. Philip says:

    Paul, You put the link to get the debug version like this:
    Shouldn’t be like this?

  161. Art says:

    I have the exact same problem Before there was the workaround of downloading “install_flash_player” and then running that outside of Firefox, but that’s no longer there. All you can do now is try and install from Adobe’s page (remember to uncheck the box that forces McAfee on your system, but in that case nothing happens.

  162. El Lollar says:

    This new adobe flash player keeps crashing, what’s up with that?

  163. Paul says:

    Ditto, major issues trying to install this release. Firefox, IE, anything. Always get error from the Adobe installer. What a joke.

  164. Patrick says:

    Your updated installation guide has the wrong syntax for installing the newer players. /s and /qn are no longer valid with 10.1.
    Please have someone fix this so administrators can stop pulling their hair out to make it work.

  165. Paddy B says:

    i am a nobody in the computer game…..or maybe I am everybody, I am the end user with a website built to use flash I have tried 10’s of times to update my firefox and as with lots of people on here I get the constant error message. My IT guy says he has the same problem but is learning how to script in HTML 5 as he says that in his opinion flash is dying like an out of sorts darlek! I am so frustrated, I can’t use iplayer, I can’t access my own website and arghhhhhhhh why do computer designers take the obstacles out of the bag first and not the solutions!!!!!

  166. Drew says:

    I have just been told an “update is ready to install” – it wasn’t.
    It hadn’t even downloaded yet – and since my machine was offline at the time (which wouldn’t have been an issue if it *was* ready to install) the update failed and I was then told to restart my browser. Absolutely pointless.
    Again I dread to think of this happening to people who use sites I make. At a time when people are talking about alternatives to Flash you have thrown an obstacle into your own installation paradigm and it makes me want avoid Flash.
    A Download Manager that neither helps in the case of an installation failing, nor even realises when I have no connection before telling me an update is available is just foolish and will drive people away.
    You are self-harming and it’s very sad. *please* re-think this for the sake of the platform.

  167. Linda McKinney says:

    To Diogo Simoes, This is Linda and I was reading your comment and I would like to know if by chance you know the link to download Flash Player 10.1? I was also told that you had to delete any former Flash Player’s that you already have, but does that also include “Flash Player 10 Active X, and Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin? I would like to know so that I don’t get rid of them if I am not supposed to or if they are needed. I would appreciate the response to this if you don’t mind. I already have updated Firefox from 3.6.3 to 3.6.4, but it won’t work unless I download Adobe Flash Player 10.1, does this sound correct to you? Your comment was exactly what I needed in order to get the information that I need in order for Firefox 10.1 to work properly,is this correct, or do you know? I would appreciate you responding to my comment so that I will then know what I must do in order to get Firefox 10.1 working properly. I would surely appreciate it if you could give me this information, and answer the questions above. Thank you,Linda 6-30-2010 I hope to receive your response at my email address please, and thank you!

  168. RJ says:

    Another vote for the 64-bit version for Linux.
    I’ve been using the beta release for more than a year on a 64-bit Ubuntu AMD64 rig , with excellent results, except for an occasional odd crash, which was fixed by flashplugin-lahf-fix.so.
    After Firefox updated to 3.6.6, many videos started displaying an error about the plug-in crashing. (I am presuming the same videos that were crashing my browser before the lahf fix.)
    Installed the 32-bit version of 10.1, but the controls don’t work properly. So things like embedded Youtube videos don’t work.
    It’s frustrating to have to give up a working 64-bit configuration to go back to a semi-functional 32-bit config.

  169. Sameer says:

    @Adobe, kill DLM or kill Flash. Choice is yours.

    If our users are not able to install your plug in why should we use it to develop web sites. While demoing a prototype my client was installing Flash on his senior’s machine and DLM simply failed. My client’s bosses are worried and I am most certain that I will hear the word ‘Silverlight’ – at least mainstream web users can install it. We suggested Flash to them and now I have clue what I was thinking.

    You’ve created a spy-ware like experience with DLM. And this is coming at a time when each client asks a dozen question about Flash because they get to read about Silverlight’s stability and HTML5’s performance.

  170. Sam says:

    Where is the documentation outlining changes in this update?

    For example, there have been changes to DisplayList event and reference managment – which caused our development team a lot of pain.

    Where do i go to get a list and explanation of changes? We have Actionscript 3.0 code that no longe works, because of this update.

    Regards, Sam

  171. michelle says:

    can i ask u sth?i downloaded the thing to uninstall the previous flash player but when i wanted to uninstall they said that i had to close my live messenger but i did it already…can u plz help me?

  172. I really hate it when I have to install some kind of Adobe Downloader in order just to install flash plugin for firefox on Windows.

  173. Todd says:

    How can you be thrilled about it? Since I’ve updated it, it keeps crashing and no one is offering a fix. It’s your product, why don’t you offer a way to fix it? Surely a lot of people are complaining about it.

  174. Alexei says:

    I used Ubuntu 10 and Opera 10.60 Internal. Flash Player not work. Just not started.

  175. Todd Halfast says:

    I know you stated about a month ago that you guys realize the extreme desire for a 64bit version and I was just wondering when we might see one?

    Firefox4 Beta1 released the other day without a 64bit build version. Word on the street is that they are waiting for you guys to develop a flash plugin that is natively 64bit before they will officially develop and release their 64bit browser. Sure….alot of the community over at Mozilla has compiled their own versions of a 64bit build but that’s not what I want. I want something official and an option to IE8 (which is the only native 64bit browser available for Win x64.

    Any word????

    • Matt Rozen says:

      Stay tuned for more about 64-bit version of Flash Player. It’s one of our top priorities right now.

  176. Byo says:

    It seems to me the focus of Adobe is to add more methods to run unwanted, flashy advertising in our face whether we want it or not. It would be a great help if you would put all the ads in a single box and allow us to stop it with a simple click instead of needing to program our firewall to block each app. I consider the flashing advertisements more aggravating than the email SPAM. The whole internet will soon be useless if the advertising traffic is not limited. I understand the incentive for advertising, but having to accept 45 different advertisements with tracking software just to access a page like msn or yahoo is ridiculous. It is time for some of the gamers to assemble and put their skills to work developing a replacement for flash player. The best way to get rid of it is to make it obsolete.

  177. Horseman says:

    as the ONLY Tech working under 6 network administrators, Im expected to keep our 600 users updated as frequently as possible.
    Now, I understand the vulnerabilities are found and addressed…but there are several issues that are making my cringe at the thought of doing this all over again. One of which had me making fists so tight that I drew blood.
    Why? Why-o-why? why would you change the switches? And why would you not post that info anywhere that was easy to find? just an oversight?
    Ive probably gotten 200 hundred calls that our users think “Something Nasty!” was just installed on their PCs. If they never see the installer…well…the less they know, the better off I am. 🙂

    1) The DLM seems to be a complete and utter waste of resources, time, and effort.
    Why does it not just “plugin” anymore?
    2) The “new” installer is visually sleek, sweet, and simple (the *.exe version) but the *.msi version seems to be a bit “clunky” (clumsy)…
    3) Why have you changed the switches? what purpose did it serve? Would it not be more prudent to make it as easy and seamless as possible for the techs/network admins?