Flash Player and AIR 13 Released


Yesterday we released Flash Player 13 and the AIR 13 Runtime and SDK.  This was one of our major quarterly releases that includes new functionality, bug fixes, and security updates.  We recommend reviewing our release notes or visiting the Flash Player announcement or AIR announcement page for download links and additional details.

AIR developers and users will notice that the AIR version jumped from 4 to 13.  This was done specifically to bring AIR and Flash Player in sync with their version number.  The two share common code and we believe this should help unify perception of both products under the Flash Runtime umbrella.

The new features for AIR and Flash Player are:

  • Enhanced Supplementary Character Support for TextField
    Characters from the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) with Unicode code points between U+10000 and U+10FFFF now work correctly in TextField controls. This change greatly enlarges the code point range we support, and now includes characters like emoticons and complex CCJK characters.
  • New Stage3D Texture Wrapping Modes
    Developers can currently set the wrapping mode of a texture to either clamp or repeat. Using the repeat option will repeat the texture on both the U and V axis. However, in some use cases, you may only want to repeat the texture on either the u or v axis.This is now possible with the introduction of two new parameters:
  • Stage3D Anti-Aliasing for Texture Rendering
    Anti-Aliasing is a useful for improving perceived image quality. Hardware based Multisampling Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) is now available on all desktop platforms. To enable MSAA, set the level from 0 to 4 using the antiAlias property of the Context3D.setRenderToTexture() method.0 = 1 subsample, no antialiasing
    1 = 2 subsamples, minimum quality antialiasing
    2 = 4 subsamples, medium quality antialiasing
    3 = 8 subsamples, high quality antialiasing
    4 = 16 subsamples, maximum quality antialiasing
  • GamePreview with Adobe AIR
    Adobe AIR’s new Game Preview feature (for Android platforms only) lets users try your game and experience it first hand without installing a separate application. This feature is not restricted to games built using AIR but is available to all developers, irrespective of the technology that you may use to build your application. The fact that the AIR runtime is installed on more than 50 million devices, greatly multiplies the chances of your game being previewed and subsequently installed by game enthusiasts. Please see Game Preview With Adobe AIR for more details.
  • Improved Packaging Engine – iOS – BETA
    The new packaging engine is now more stable and works fine with a large number of apps. We have now added support for Action Script debugging and Advanced Telemetry support. To enable this feature, please use “-useLegacyAOT no” in the ADT command, before the signing options. As of now, this feature is not available within Flash Pro but it can still be used with Flash builder by adding the parameter -useLegacyAOT under the “Customize launch” option.Here is an example ADT command for compiling an applications using “-useLegacyAOT no”:
    adt -package -target ( ipa-test | ipa-debug | ipa-app-store | ipa-ad-hoc) -useLegacyAOT no -provisioning-profile -keystore -storetype pkcs12 -storepass xxxx HelloWorld.ipa Helloworld-app.xml HelloWorld.swf
  • Relocated Full Screen Video Warning to Top of Screen
    We’ve made a small tweak to the “Press Esc to exit full screen mode” warning that is displayed for full screen video. We’ve received feedback from developers and users that the dialog obscures content. We wanted to make a change that both satisfies security concerns and customer viewing enjoyment. To reduce the impact of the dialog on the on-screen content, we’ve moved the dialog to the top of the screen.

18 Responses to Flash Player and AIR 13 Released

  1. mp says:

    I don’t understand why you’re intent on torturing a captive users market, who don’t want to deal with stupid flash and yet have no choice if they want to see any kind of video online. You force me to waste countless hours month after month with your never-ending stream of releases, I had to go through the whole process AGAIN tonight just to find out that there’s a bug in the glorious 13, and uninstall, and reinstall 12, which probably won’t work either because that’s what happened earlier when once again you forced me to download and uninstall and quit browsers and reinstall and this RIGMAROLE is just intolerable. Why can’t you just produce a version that will last, say, for longer than a week? Or else let better video players play, give the user a choice, and may the best player win? What is wrong with you?

  2. mp says:

    And one more thing: your uninstaller leaves a TON of Flash junk behind. I guess you can’t even make that work right.

  3. Paul says: installed on my iMac runnning OSX 10.9.2 and Firefox 28.0. Now I cannot see ANY VIDEO. Do you not test your new releases?

  4. not_mp says:

    Wow someone is bitter over something that is not a big deal.

    • William says:

      Not saying it’s a huge deal, but some vulnerability scanners will note the presence of the old versions because of the debris left behind.

  5. Paul says:

    How can I reload version 12?

  6. Patricia Beurteaux says:

    I am having the same problems after attempting to D/L flash 13etc – no vid and audio. I have attempted this umpteen times INCLUDING FOLLOWING THE `FIXES’ and still no joy. My firefox add-ons show the app is downloaded but there seems no way to actually enable it (I guess). No problem with the former version.
    Netflix is fine because it uses Silverlight (right?), so why can’t adobe get its act into gear? I might add that every update has had issues but this is the first time I have been unable to deal with them.
    So, any tips I might not have tried or am I alone in this? (And please don’t refer me to supposed install instructions – I know them off by heart.)

  7. Chris Campbell says:

    @Paul – We apologize for the problem on your Mac. Please see this thread for reverting back to version 12: http://adobe.ly/1iABkFN

  8. Chris Campbell says:

    @Patricia – What operating system are you using? Does this page show that Flash Player is working? http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html

  9. Pete languerand says:

    im using Mac OS X 10.9.2 installed Flash 13 and no vids, apps, etc wont work keeps saying flash crashed, tried to uninstall no success, im pissed cuz i was enjoying my flash player till this update…FIX it NOW or give the Mac users something they can use untill u fix the crap

  10. alec thompson says:

    how long until flash is fixed i have every broswer and every time i try to watch a video it says PLUG-IN FAILER
    i would like an estimate please

  11. Jerry says:

    Flash 13 will not finish because I keep getting error message saying it failed to register. Now I can’t access anything that requires Flash. (Windows Xp v 5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 3; IE 8.0.6001)

  12. Ged says:

    It’s good to see these updates to the Flash / Air platform.
    The thing we’re worried about is AIR support for Intel-Android technology (Samsung Tab 3.1 ) as voted for 127+ times here: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3651397

    I’m ready to pay for this feature – it will deliver confidence to the Flash / Air dev community. so please can we have some clarity on the situation. Is it really that technically hard.

    ps) All this Staff talk of hiding / filtering our apps from this growing set of devices is insulting

  13. Matse says:

    +1 with Ged : fix the damn Android x86 issue
    I’m not the kind that gets all fired up on the bug’s comment but I can understand those who do : this is getting ridiculous.
    While I do like seeing features and enhancement, the android x86 issue is *critical*, and it only gets worse every day.
    With the platform in mind, I don’t see anything that should get a higher priority than this for now.

    Oh and I’m with Ged again : I’d be willing to pay for developping/publishing with AIR, if that means we get some serious support for it. I’m pretty sure there are hundreds of devs that would agree with us, if not more.

  14. I hope you’ll address the silly issue of the AIR update dialogues, which only state “Update later” and a dimmed “Update now” button (or something similar in your language). Most users will shrug their shoulders and utter “why bother warning me, when I can’t update it now, and wouldn’t know how and when to trigger an update, later”.

    I know, the dialogue pops up when AIR gets being used and that the button “Update Now” will automatically light up as soon as all AIR apps have closed. But most users will just dismiss the dialogue anyway.

    The message could include something like “Please keep this dialogue open” or “Quit this application to install update” (just like the Flash updater), or refrain from forcing itself as a frontmost window.

    Furthermore, I found the huge jump in version number too suspicious, so I Googled and found this page. But I wonder how many users or administrators might consider it suspicious as well and just abort the update.

    Dear Adobe, you must have a whole league of “Experience Managers” at your disposal, but I really ask myself whether they’re not competent enough to foresee and correct such flaws, or whether some Adobe teams just don’t value their efforts and input. Call me, if you need some guy to slash a whip on any of them. It hurts your company and products if they don’t work or comply…