Flash Runtime 16 Update – New PPAPI Installers and AIR news!

Flash Player 16 was released today with important bug and security fixes.  In this release, we added stand alone installation and plugin support for the PPAPI (“Pepper”) version of Flash Player!  This version was previously only available as an integrated component of Google Chrome.  With the upcoming changes to Chromium, making the PPAPI version of Flash Player available was critical for our customers and a top priority for our team.  With Flash Player 16, customers can now download Flash Player PPAPI for Chromium based applications and developers have access to the official PPAPI content debugger.  Please note, no changes or additional downloads are required for Google Chrome users.

For additional Flash Player release details, please see our forum announcement.

AIR developers, we haven’t forgotten about you!  It’s been all hands on deck getting support into AIR for iOS 64 bit.  Our plan is to shortly (possibly later this week) release an updated AIR 16 beta with iOS 64-bit compatibility along with an early peek at the videoTexture API for iOS.  We’re counting on getting great feedback from you and quickly making improvements.  We’ll continue updating our beta releases on labs.adobe.com to make sure you have the latest code available.  We know its going to be tough for everyone as we approach this holiday season, but we’re committed to making sure we have a solution in place before Apple changes their store requirements.

13 Responses to Flash Runtime 16 Update – New PPAPI Installers and AIR news!

  1. JamesB says:

    Great news!

  2. Saravan says:

    waiting for updated AIR 16 beta with iOS 64-bit compatibility

  3. ExtraodinaryAlien says:

    Love it! Patiently waiting on concurrency for iOS but whatever, this continual release after release is fantastic!!

  4. Jasur says:

    Great! Thanks for hard working.

  5. Ben C says:

    Great news, Chris! Thanks for all the great work you and your team are doing!

  6. xiashu says:

    wonderful . great. we need your good news

  7. Jim Jackson says:

    I haven’t been able to get PPAPI Flash to install on Chromium so far. I can run the installer but it never shows up as a plugin in Chromium.

  8. shawn0liou says:

    Thank you everyone. Thank you very much.
    亞洲的設計師們 正等待你們的好消息

  9. Great job! Adobe, thank u very much. My indie apps show acceptable fps even without migration on stage3D(I tested it mostly on Android devices which released in the beginning 2013 and actual yet). I think I you will continue optimizing Flash Runtime we will see a lot of new apps in mobile stores powered by Adobe AIR.

  10. Vip says:

    Offline installer for Flash Player PPAPI???

  11. John says:

    Fantastic news! Great work guys !!!

  12. Robin says:

    Why are you hiding the Flash update link. It shouldn’t take 20 minutes to find the link.