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Adobe Wave: Get Visitors To Return To Your Website

wave.jpgAt last year’s MAX conference, a new technology called Adobe Wave was previewed that demonstrated how web content publishers could easily publish notifications to their users’ desktops. Since that demonstration, the Adobe Wave team has been feverishly working on developing both the Adobe AIR powered client that displays the desktop notifications and the hosted service so that a beta version of Wave could be made publicly available. Well, congratulations to the Wave team! The preview technology is now available on Adobe Labs for both end users and content publishers to explore and provide feedback.

For publishers, Adobe Wave can help increase traffic by driving users back to the website using scheduled or real-time notifications. Consumers, of course, have many options to choose from in terms of web content; notifications are one way to encourage users to return back to the publisher’s website to view content or interact with an application. Once a notification appears, clicking on it launches a browser and displays additional information about the alert on the publisher’s website. A REST API enables publishers to reach users on their desktop without requiring the publisher build and maintain their own desktop presence. For consumers, Adobe Wave can help provide near real-time alerts about content they care about. Featured launch partners include Digg, MySpace and Variety with more coming soon.

This is an exciting technology and, to me, is another indicator that the web is increasingly about real-time communication. Be sure to check out the video overviews for both publishers and consumers. Publishers can also sign-up for a publisher account.


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