New globalization reference materials available

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This week the following presentations were made available  in our educational materials page. Check them out!

Presentations from the 34th International Unicode Conference (Oct 2010)


White papers




2 thoughts on “New globalization reference materials available”

  1. I have a question regarding Text Layout Engine improvements. Does it support Armenian, Georgian, Hindi? Because currently we’re facing trouble trying to enter fill in form fields, instead of Armenian Unicode glyphs it displays question marks.

    1. Because you see question marks, my best guess is that it is not a TLE problem, but a Unicode input problem.
      And most Unicode input problems were solved in Player 10.1.

      But is also the browser that plays a role.
      I know that Firefox had a bug until very recently (definitely in 3.6). But the current version (3.6.11) is ok (the problem was fixed some months ago, maybe around 3.6.9, but I am not sure the exact version).

      Try using another browser, or update the Firefox version (if Firefox is the problem). If not, it might help if you can give us some more info to try and reproduce the problem: OS (version and language), browser (version and language), Player version, what was used to produce the application (Flash/Flex and version).

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