Adobe Ideas is looking for user-made videos

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Adobe Ideas is an exciting new product for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch) that allows its users to capture their creative ideas on the fly. Samples of our users’ work can be found on our product pages and on our Facebook group.

This nimble app has generated an avid following, and we are amazed at the creative ways in which our customers use it!

At this time, we are looking for user-made videos, featuring our customers’ work, workflows, tricks and designs that have been made using Adobe Ideas. If you use the application, send us links to your videos.

We are especially interested in videos in FRENCH, GERMAN AND JAPANESE!

Thank you.
Adobe Ideas+Globalization teams

4 thoughts on “Adobe Ideas is looking for user-made videos”

  1. Certainly! Post links to your work or write to me directly at “iouri at adobe dot com”. We will review them and see if we can find a good place to feature them.

    Thank you.
    Iouri @ Adobe Ideas+Globalization teams

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