Adobe Story: A Revolution in Script Writing. Unleash the kraken!!

May, 2nd marks the release of Adobe Story: 1.0 product and probably world’s most powerful tool for movie script writing. Adobe Story, is a collaborative script writing tool for screenplays and stories. It’s a product for creative professionals, producers and writers but can be used by any individual for their daily records and notes.






Adobe Story supports 6 locales: English (US), English (UK), French , German, Italian and Spanish. In a short span of 2 years, it has garnered tremendous traction across the globe, with many users expressing to use it as the ONLY script writing tool.

It is a robust script-to-screen tool and strongly integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro to streamline post-production workflows.

Some of the cool features of Adobe Story:

a.        Collaborate scripts with other users, with an inbuilt user rights management system.

b.       Track changes made by different users, with an inbuilt version control system. Revert to previous version anytime!

c.        OnlineOffline sync-up: You were disconnected to network somehow or went to a place enjoying your holidays without internet – Don’t worry, this feature will sync your work when you get back!

d.       ImportExport common file extensions: PDF, TXT, DOC and other script writing formats like FDX, MMS.

e.       Direct integration with video editing software: Import script metadata directly into Adobe Premiere Pro and easily search for important video elements such as dialogue or characters.

f.        Switch between languages without any hassle!

g.       Tag characters and text in the dialogue automatically or manually.

h.       Generate custom reports containing scene elements, list of characters with dialogues, actions etc.

Below are snippets of some of the users

Image 4: Snippet from Twitter

Image 5: Snippet from Facebook fan page

If you are a script writer, who knows any of these 6 languages, we encourage you to try it and your preproduction experience will never be the same. We actively listen to new feature requests, and have a bimonthly product release in all 6 languages. You can join us on Facebook, Twitter, and User Forums. You can email us your queries from across the globe and you’ll receive a reply in 24 hours. That’s a promise!!

[Contributed by Manish Kanwal, Product Manager, Adobe Story]



7 thoughts on “Adobe Story: A Revolution in Script Writing. Unleash the kraken!!”

  1. Adobe story 1.0 is the amazing software since it is useful for creative writers and supports 6 locales.Its new features are really cool.

  2. What is the differentiating factor that say that one language is supported and others are not?

    Is there anything that prevents it from supporting Canadian French, for instance?

    1. Hello Mihai,
      Adobe Story is a 1.0 application launched about 2 years ago with French (France) amongst other 5 selected languages. Typical factors for supporting the languages are present user base of related Adobe products and business potential.
      Having said that, we evaluate the set of supported languages regularly. We actively listen to our customers feedback, and take into consideration feedback like yours to add new languages. We have taken your request into cognizance, and will revisit the language support next year.
      Thanks for your feedback again.
      ~ Adobe Story Localization Team

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