Adobe Wish Form Now Available to International Users

This article was originally written in English. Text in other languages was provided by machine translation.

The wish form hosted at is now available to all our international users. We recently added two new fields for you to specify your ‘Product Language’ and ‘OS Language’ along with other information in this form.

Feel free to submit your bugs and feature requests to Adobe using this form. This form is also localized in Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Avinash S. Kotwal
International Program Manager

18 thoughts on “Adobe Wish Form Now Available to International Users”

  1. adobe wish form, Hello, I point out a bug in: FILTER, MADE AND LIGHTING. the white section of the ring of intensity at the center of ccontroles lighting, does not work. Another bug for WIDE ANGLE FILTER ADAPTIVE never senses that function PANORAMA while images are panoramas.
    Can you tell me when and how I will receive the changes.
    thank you

  2. Yes Now adobe can be accessible al through the world. ‘Product Language’ and ‘OS Language is very helpful people can interact with any language they wish to use.

  3. Howdy

    I’ve just upgraded from Captivate version 4 to version 8 and have found a few things missing / not quite right…

    1.In version 4, if I double clicked directly on a Text Caption box within the Timeline panel, then the corresponding Text Caption window would display, allowing me to edit the text on that window. This is really handy when you’ve got a stack of layered text captions directly over eachother. The only alternative now to edit text in the bottom caption is to hide all the other captions (assets) that sit above it – which is a real pain.
    2.In version 4, I used to be able to copy an image onto a captivate slide, then right click on it to Merge it into the background. This was really handy, as by virtue of doing this, the image would be removed from your timeline panel, thus reducing clutter. Much to my dismay – no longer able to do this in Verion 8.
    3.The Timeline panel typically has a time indicator directly underneath the panel heading that defaults to seconds. When you have a lot of assets on your captivate slide, you’ll be required to scroll left-to-right in your timeline panel to see them. Unfortunately it looks like there’s a bug in this panel whereby scrolling can then make this time indicator actually disappear. (This is generally triggered by me dragging the scroll bar as opposed to using the left/right arrows at either side of the scroll bar).
    4. When I click on a text caption, the right side of the screen in Version 8 displays the Properties. The text colour picker does not correctly detect the colour of the text that I have highlighted in the text caption. For instance – if I have white text as primary text colour in the text caption, then I highlight one word and make it black text, when I go back to that black word and try to change the colour, the colour picker still thinks it’s white text.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad new guys… I’ve been a Captivate devotee for many years but feel this latest version has got some areas that need attention.



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