Announcing Adobe Pre-release Programs for Hebrew users

This article was originally written in English. Text in other languages was provided by machine translation.

Adobe Pre-release Programs are your chance to experience, evaluate and influence upcoming products & technologies from Adobe within a smaller, more focused user environment. Pre-release Programs facilitate a symbiotic development process allowing Adobe to share products in the development stage to gather early feedback. In the process you get a chance to shape the upcoming products and adapt to the new products faster.

Multiple engagement channels are available to Pre-release participants at Adobe:

  • Access to download Pre-release software/technologies and technical documentation
  • Ability to report bugs & request features for the Pre-release software
  • Access to the Pre-release user forums for sharing ideas directly with Adobe product teams and other like-minded folks of the product’s community
  • Opportunity to participate in various product-related surveys


A Pre-release program is an endeavour to engage the real users of the product – YOU – early in the development cycle of the product, to listen and learn from you on how the product is working for you.

Current Pre-release Opportunities: How to Apply?

You may fill in the application forms for expressing your interest to join a products’ Pre-release program at Adobe. The participation will be entirely based on the requirements of the program and the credentials of the participant.

Following products plan to open-up pre-release testing opportunities with Middle East English – Arabic Enabled, Middle East English – Hebrew Enabled and North African French builds:

Adobe InDesign – Sign-up now to participate in the Adobe InDesign ME pre-release program and preview exciting new functionality!Apply now

Adobe Illustrator – Sign up to participate in the Adobe Illustrator ME Program and preview exciting new functionality!Apply now

Adobe Photoshop – Sign up to participate in the Adobe Photoshop ME Program and preview exciting new functionality!Apply now

We look forward to your participation in this pre-release program. In case of any issues of if you need more information, please feel free to contact us at

On behalf of – Ahmed Gaballah, Ashish Saxena, Avinash S. Kotwal, Iouri Tchernoousko

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