Design Thinking – International Products

Manish Kanwal, a Product Manager at Adobe will be conducting a webinar at GALA , which is the largest non profit standards organization within the language industry. The webinar will present insights into how to design an international product i.e., the one which is ready to be shipped global markets, with Toyota Camry being the most famous example. Additionally, it will elucidate with a case study of a the Photoshop Elements, the largest Digital Imaging product engineered from Adobe India campus which is ships in 25+ countries.

Join this webinar to acclimatize what it takes to manage a demanding B2C product, right from the point the product is envisaged until its public launch. It will be broadcasted on 26 July 11:00 EDT

One thought on “Design Thinking – International Products”

  1. An insight of the project management lifecycle is something to be on the lookout for.
    Hope this webinar touches the unveiled facts and information of this massive concept. Looking forward to seeing more updates on this post! Thanks!

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