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What tools can read what I am writing about?

This article was originally written in English. Text in other languages was provided by machine translation.

If you have a gmail account, have you noticed that the Ads side bar always has the relevant ads to any single email you get? I noticed lately when I opened my email from my international phone bill company. The Ads bar has “International calls”, “mobile calls”, “Calls to India”, etc. To prove it, you can try sending yourself an email with any keywords. I put “diet, health, weight loss” and guess what, when I open the email I sent to myself, I see “diabetes food”, “low carb diet”, “Health and fitness”…on the Ads bar.

I hope nobody at Google really reads my email, at least not that fast. Some busy tool must be extracting key words from a user-generated content, tagging it somehow and searching the tagged ads.

Same idea could apply to our users queries on our products, or community content so we would know what they are talking about and provide them with relevant help information. We can probably drop the ads feature.

But I’m not aware of many such text analytic tools on the market. Any ideas?