DPS Health Status Page

The new DPS Status page shows ongoing issues with DPS servers as well as planned maintenance. If you’re a DPS publisher, you’ll want to bookmark this page or opt in to receive email notifications. If you know you’re going to publish your new issue at a specific date and time, you’ll want to check the DPS status page to see if maintenance is planned for that time period.

If you wish to receive email notifications when the Adobe DPS team updates the DPS Status page, go to the DPS Status page and specify your contact information in the “Receive Updates” section.


Again, here’s the DPS Status page.


One Response to DPS Health Status Page

  1. Bob, last 3 days we are experiencing many errors on folio uploading and sign in to Folio Builder (Network Failure). DPS Status page snows that everything is ok. Don’t you know why?