Viewing DPS Tips on a Computer

In the DPS forum, people frequently answer questions by pointing to the such-and-such article in DPS Tips to see an example and steps. In response, several people have mentioned that they don’t always have access to an iPad or other device to view DPS Tips. You don’t need an iPad. If you know where to look, you can view all the DPS Tips articles on a computer.

I used the social sharing feature to make all of the folios available in most computer browsers. If you click the following links from an iPad, you’ll jump to the first article of the issue in the DPS Tips app. Click any of these links on a desktop or laptop computer (or a new Surface tablet), and you’ll see a “Web Viewer” version of the articles in each issue.

DPS Overview

Overlay Basics

Advanced Overlays

DPS Features

HTML Effects


In Web Viewer, click the icon in the lower left corner to switch to a different orientation. Click the icons in the bottom center to view different articles. Click the icons in the lower right corner to view different pages in the article.


Article displayed in Web Viewer. (Click to view larger image.)

Note that not all features are available in Web Viewer. For example, panoramas are not yet supported. You’re better off using DPS Tips on an iPad or another mobile device, but if you’re away from your iPad, use these links.


6 Responses to Viewing DPS Tips on a Computer

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  2. Dear Bob, I just adore seeing your snails and fishes creeping over my screen in… a web browser ! The social sharing stuff has been around quite a while now, but this web appearance of your “DPS Tips” marks a milestone in the development of DPS !
    Congratulations ! 🙂

  3. laurent says:

    Dear Bob,

    This features is nice and look working great. When will it be aviable for developers? Who like me need to share folio with parteners who don’t have an iPad yet?


  4. Jesse Urban says:

    Bob -Thank You for all the great tips, instructions, and demos. Please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this feature only available to Professional and Enterprise Subscribers and not Single / Creative Cloud subscribers??


    • Bob Bringhurst says:

      Yes, the ability to host DPS folios on a server where it can be viewed in a browser is Professional/Enterprise only. It doesn’t work for Single Edition/Creative Cloud licenses.