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* English follows after Japanese.
※本ブログは、アドビ システムズ 株式会社の人事部長であるキム ブロンスタインによる投稿です。


アドビは先ごろ、米国の雑誌「People」が選出する「Companies that Care 2017(従業員、コミュニティ、環境に配慮している企業)」50社の中で第8位にランクインしました。このランキングでは、企業が従業員や地域社会とどのように関係性を築いているかに着目しており、アドビは、従業員のウェルネス、子供を持つ従業員への支援、テクノロジー分野における女性の活躍促進等が評価されました。

アドビは、従業員のワーク ライフ インテグレーションの実現を支援しています。日本オフィスでも従業員を支援するための様々な方法を検討しています。





これらの休暇制度を手厚くしたことに加えて、アドビでは、様々な福利厚生が利用可能です。ワーク ライフ インテグレーションの重要性が増している中で、アドビは、従業員が会社から受けられるサポートを最大限に活用できるようにしたいと考えています。


  • 年次有給休暇と私傷病休
  • 産前・産後、育児、長期療養休暇
  • サバティカル休暇(勤続5年ごとに15日間の有給休暇)
  • ウェルネス支援制度
  • 従業員援助プログラム(EAP)
  • 教育支援制度
  • 社内でのマッサージおよび鍼治療

従業員に、深いつながりや、会社に大切にされていることを感じてもらうことが、アドビの願いです。『Company that Cares』として、アドビは、働いている間以外のことも含めて、従業員への支援を強化していきます。


Adobe expands bereavement benefit up to four weeks

POSTED BY Kim Bronstein, Head of Japan Employee Experience (HR)

on June 7, 2017

Adobe Systems recently placed in the 8th spot on People Magazine’s Companies that Care list, which focuses on how companies connect with their employees and communities.  Adobe strives to provide employees with the support and resources they need to find a healthy work-life integration. In thinking about Adobe as a “Company that Cares,” I started to reflect on the all the ways we support our employees locally in Tokyo and wanted to share some important announcements.

In our fast-paced environment, getting time away from work can feel quite challenging. When there are family changes—a birth, adoption or illness or death of a loved one—time is more valuable than ever.  Adobe started to dramatically expand our parental leave benefits globally a year and a half ago. Since then the U.S. as well as 13 other countries, including Adobe Japan, have enhanced parental leave benefits, demonstrating our strong commitment to support employees and their families. On August 1, 2016, Adobe Japan announced significant enhancements to both our maternity and paternity leave policies.

We are constantly evaluating our benefits to make sure our employees have the support they need to care for themselves and their families during major life events. Effective May 1, 2017, we expanded our bereavement benefit globally, to support employees with up to four weeks of paid time off following the death of an immediate family member. This global policy change is meant to help ease the emotional, financial and logistical burdens during the loss of a loved one.

In addition to these important leave enhancements, Adobe has a wide range of resources and benefits available to support employees. With an increased focus on work-life integration, we want to ensure that employees are taking full advantage of our offerings.

Highlights of our comprehensive benefit offerings include:

  • Annual paid leave and sick leave in addition to public holidays
  • Maternity, Paternity Child Care, Long-Term Sick Leave
  • Sabbatical leave (15 days of paid leave for every 5 years of service)
  • Wellness Reimbursement
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Education Reimbursement
  • Onsite Massage/Acupuncture

We want our employees to feel engaged and invested in by Adobe. As a “Company that Cares,” we strive to support our employees within the work environment and beyond. We feel family time is precious and we encourage employees to utilize the support and resources we have in place to take care of themselves and their families.

POSTED ON 2017.06.7