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20 Tips for Cropping in Lightroom Classic

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From the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) Team: Merge to Panorama

Josh Bury, Sr. Computer Scientist on the Adobe Camera Raw team, wrote an excellent article calling out best practices for shooting and stitching multiple images together using the Merge to Panorama command (found in Lightroom Classic, ACR, and Lightroom on the desktop). He has great suggestions both for capture and post processing so be sure to check it out here: From the ACR Team: Merge to Panorama.  

Adobe Camera Raw and DNG

Happy Birthday Photoshop! 

Happy Birthday Photoshop! I thought it might be fun to post this short videos demonstrating how Use several elements to build my composite images in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop on iPad – Object Select and Type Settings

Today’s update to Photoshop on the iPad takes a huge leap forward with the addition of the Object Selection tool and enhanced Typographic settings.

Adobe Photoshop

Improvements to Content Aware Fill, Lens Blur, and more in Photoshop v21.1!

This release of Photoshop (v21.1) includes improvements to the Content Aware Fill workspace, Lens Blur, Performance, and Dark Mode on Mac OS. 

Adobe Photoshop

How to Create Custom Raw Defaults in Adobe Camera Raw (v12.2) 

Adobe Camera Raw’s new Raw Defaults Settings panel provides a much easier and more intuitive way to assign and manage the default rendering of your raw files across multiple camera models. For example, you may want to change the default rendering setting (such as apply a custom camera profile, change the amount of sharpening, or enable lens profile corrections), on all of the images that you import from one camera model but not from another instead of first importing your photos and then having to changing the settings.

Adobe Camera Raw and DNG

Updates to Lightroom for Mac, Win, Android, iOS, iPadOS, & ChromeOS (2-2020)

I’m excited to announce several updates and enhancements to Lightroom for Mac and Windows including improvements to Import, Export, PhotoMerge, and Shared Albums as well as improvements made to Learn and Discover content on iOS and Android, direct import of presets and profiles on Android, and support for Split Screen on iPadOS.

Adobe Lightroom

How to Customize Lightroom Classic’s Default Develop Settings (v9.2) 

Lightroom Classic now provides an easier and more intuitive way to customize the default rendering of your raw files in order to streamline your editing workflow. For example, if you prefer to apply custom raw settings upon import (such as using camera styles defined “in-camera” or using a different camera profile or  slider settings in Lightroom), instead of first importing files and later changing the settings, you can use the new Raw Defaults Presets preferences to manage the default rendering of your images.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Updates to Lightroom Classic v9.2 (February, 2020) 

I’m excited to announce several updates and enhancements to Lightroom Classic including a new interface to simplify the creation and application of  custom setting for rendering raw files, support for large Photoshop (.PSB) files, secondary display enhancements,  performance improvements, and more!

Adobe Lightroom Classic

“The Creative Composite” Photoshop Course at the Santa Fe Workshops (6-28 – 7-3, 2020)

Santa Fe Workshops officially announced that my Photoshop class “The Creative Composite” (which will run June 28 – July 3, 2020), is now open for enrollment. It will be a great week filled with creativity, imagery, and Photoshop wizardry.

Events and Workshops

Ten Shortcuts for Working with Vector Masks in Photoshop

Discover ten shortcuts for working with Vector Masks in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop

20 Tips for Cropping in Lightroom Classic

Discover twenty tips to increase your productivity when cropping and straightening images in Lightroom Classic.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Professional Photographers of America – Warren Motts International Service Award

I am pleased to announce that I was awarded the prestigious Warren Motts International Service Award  this year at Imaging USA! This award is presented to “individuals who have made major contributions in promoting and developing professional photography on an international level” and I am truly honored to be the recipient. 


3, 2, 1, Photoshop!  How to use Free Transform

In this episode of 3, 2, 1, Photoshop! you’ll discover tips and tricks for transforming images like a pro.

Adobe Photoshop

3, 2, 1, Photoshop! How to Create a Simple Stop Motion Animation Using Photoshop

In this episode of 3, 2, 1, Photoshop!, you’ll discover how to create a simple stop motion animation to make your static images come to life.

Adobe Photoshop