by Julieanne Kost

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December 10, 2010

There may be times when due to time or other constraints, you may only want to import some of the files from a card or from a folder. To do so, simply uncheck the ones that you don’t want in the Grid view. If, for example, you only want to import 5 out of 100 images, click the “Uncheck All” button, select the desired images, and then click the box on the upper right of the image in Grid view to make them as checked. Note: all selected images will be checked. You can also use the Sort option (at the bottom of the grid area) to display your checked images at the top of the grid.

New to LR 3.3 is also the ability to View All photos, New Photos and Destination Folders. The Destination Folders option is fantastic for viewing how the images will be grouped when using the date to organize the destination of your files.


  • By Heidi - 12:50 PM on August 21, 2012  

    how about when you have 200 of 500 images? How do you select that many? LR seems to want you to do everything one by one. LR2 had an option that would pop up and seperate out image by times and dates. I can’t get LR 3 to identify groups of images on a card and its such a bummer