Lens Correction Presets

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Many of you have probably set your default settings in the Develop module so that the Lens Profile Corrections are enabled by default. But there might be occasions when you want to quickly enable/disable lens profile correction. In order to do so, I created two presets, one to enable and one to disable this option. In addition, I created a preset to enable lens profile correction for Distortion and Chromatic Aberration, yet suppress any Vignetting correction (because sometimes I want the edges darkened when shooting with a wide angle lens).

Note: you can also apply any develop preset to multiple images in the Library module. In Grid view, select the images and add the preset from the Quick Select panel’s Saved Preset drop down.

Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 01-12-2011


  • By Christophe Avare - 9:14 AM on January 15, 2011  

    I don’t understand how this can be of any use since when the preset is applied, the lens is not chosen from the metadata of the photo.

    I have applied it to RAW Canon data, and the lens selected is always the first in the list, not the actual lens.

    Is this a bug or i miss something?

    For now, this prevents applying this correction on import, since it will require to review ALL the photos to select the right lens.

    Not the best way to get better efficiency…

    • By Julieanne Kost - 8:55 AM on January 20, 2011  

      Actually, Lightroom does look at the metadata for each image and should be applying the correct profile for the specific lens/camera combination if there is a profile available. Can you tell me what camera your are using and what version of LR you have installed?

      • By Nigel Dalton - 4:38 AM on June 24, 2011  

        I like using the lens correction profiles. I have also been using CS5 trial programme but found today after uninstalling the trial, all my lens correction profiles have disappeared – any thoughts?

      • By Uwe - 9:07 PM on July 15, 2011  

        This is exactly what I was looking for, but I’m having the same issue. Lightroom is v3, camera is most often a Nikon D300, lens is the Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikon 18-200mm f3.5-5.6G IF-ED lens. If I click on Develop->Lens Corrections->Enable Profile Lens correction, LR chooses the correct lens. If I instead click in Develop->Presets->Enable Profile, I can see that it checks “Enable Profile Corrections” but “Setup” changes to “Custom” and the Make under “Lens Profile” changes to “None”. It also displays an attention symbol at the bottom of the “Lens Corrections” pane and says “Unable to load lens profile”.

        If I choose “Nikon” under “Make”, it selects the correct lens Model and Profile.

        So close but yet so far. With this lens in wide-angle mode, I really would like to select the lens correction on import and disable it if I don’t want it. But Lightroom won’t let me do that; your preset will, but it doesn’t quite work.

        • By Uwe - 9:30 PM on July 15, 2011  

          I found that if I edit each .lrtemplate file, remove the LensProfileFilename and LensProfileName and set LensProfileSetup = “Auto” (not sure if this should be “Default”), it works much better and recognizes my lens from the metadata.