by Julieanne Kost

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February 24, 2011

I wanted to share some photographs that I took with my iphone on my recent travels. I hope you enjoy!


  • By Weliton Aiolfi Lima - 9:53 AM on February 24, 2011  

    I like the way you look at things, you transform a simple image in a mix of composition and beauty. Congratulations!

  • By Ron Erdody - 10:07 AM on February 24, 2011  

    Well, these are pretty terrific. Add to that they were done with an iPhone camera and terrific becomes astounding. Excellent work, as always.

  • By Donna Boucher - 10:08 AM on February 24, 2011  

    Always interesting perspective!
    I can feel them.

  • By Gerardo Latorre - 2:03 PM on February 24, 2011  

    Thank you, for teach us how to “see” little details of cotidiane life, when I was child I always jump the lines in the street…. hehehe =)


  • By Mike Nelson Pedde - 5:52 PM on February 24, 2011  

    Good eye, Julieanne!


  • By William - 6:13 PM on February 24, 2011  

    It’s the craftsman, not the tool. So many skill sets in one person, wow!

  • By Tom Morton - 8:38 PM on February 24, 2011  

    The balance of these images is amazing, just as you teach. Thank you for leading by example!

  • By Erika Gentry - 9:38 PM on February 24, 2011  

    Lawd you spend a lot of time on planes – but make it look so glam! -E

  • By Bruce - 10:25 AM on February 26, 2011  

    Wonderful, evocative photos Julieanne. They inspired me to download instagram. Just one question: what plugin do you use to display the three images at a time and does the plugin display three or did you create the tryptichs in photoshop? Thanks!

    • By Julieanne Kost - 11:21 AM on February 27, 2011  

      I import all of my Instagrams into Lightroom and use the print module to display them 3-up. Then, I set the print job options to print to JPEG instead of a printer. It’s that resulting JPEG that I upload to my blog. I hope that helps! -j