Pursuing Your Personal Project in Iceland – August 21 – August 27

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Last week I posted a video about how we can use lines in order  to guide a viewer’s eye through an image including leading towards the primary subject, keeping movement within the frame, and adding tension to a composition. I wanted to point out that the images that were used in the composite were taken last year while in Iceland with the Focus On Nature International Photo Workshop. I had such an incredible time on that trip that I decided I absolutely had to return this year.

I’m hoping that YOU will be able to join me this summer (August 21 – August 27) on an incredible journey through the Icelandic landscape. This really is a unique opportunity to experience Iceland and all that it has to offer – glacier lagoons, Icelandic horses, waterfalls, and mud flats  are just a few of the things we may see on our excursions.  We will follow the weather and the light, photographing Iceland’s ever changing landscape with long hours of exquisite sunrise and sunset while the Focus on Nature team takes care of every little logistical detail  so that we can photograph in a relaxed, low pressure, unhurried, environment. We will come home not only with improved technique, but reenergized and inspired as a result of making the images that fulfill us as creative and passionate photographers and artists.

If you are looking for a location that will ignite your passion for photography, there is no better place than Iceland to photograph and no better workshop to participate in than Focus On Nature. Join the Focus On Nature family  as photographers, collaborate together as artists and depart with friendships that will last a lifetime.

View participants work here.

View more images that I captured in last year’s course:

Unsurpassed Beauty

Waterfalls and the Glacier Lagoon

Icelandic Horses and Textures

The Countryside


Forever Changed


Events and Workshops

Posted on 02-28-2011


  • By Donna Boucher - 7:43 AM on February 28, 2011  

    Iceland!!! What a fabulous opportunity!
    Amazing land. Perfect hostess :o)

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