by Julieanne Kost

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May 9, 2011

A while back I created this Artistic Filters PDF file (15MB download) that has examples of the filters in Photoshop. They’re pretty straight forward (meaning that I didn’t combine any filters to make “complicated” effects), but I thought it might be a good resource for anyone that is teaching Photoshop. So help yourself if you can use it as an example.



  • By Carlos - 7:50 AM on May 9, 2011  

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s very useful as a quick reminder of what each of them does.

  • By gh - 3:14 PM on May 12, 2011  

    It’s great to see them all decked out like this.

    It would be awesome to see the results of a test which show how effective the various filters are in relationship to a modern os and computer setup (perhaps: mac osx 10.6.7 and a multicore process with sufficient ram) and the utilization of all those. Some important categories to chart – smart filter layer vs normal – 32 bit vs 64 bit program and OS Boot.

    I find that some of these filters “The Amazing Surface Blur and Smart Sharpen” perform less than ideal when used in a smart filter layer and a large image file. The Beauty of the Technology is all there, but in practicality I have difficulty in application.