LR3 – Viewing Changes/Corrections Made to Photographs in Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop

Adobe Bridge

Lightroom can interpret and apply changes made to photos in Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop (such as the addition of metadata and/or any changes made to color/tone/etc.) and vice versa. In order for this to go smoothly, in Bridge make sure that the  Camera Raw Preferences (under the Bridge menu on Mac, the Edit menu on Windows) are set to: Save image settings in: Sidecar “.xmp” files (not the Camera Raw database).

When these “changed/corrected” files are imported into Lightroom, you will not see the changes in the Import dialog box but Lightroom will read the .xmp sidecar file while importing and show you the changes/corrections made to the file in the Grid view.  Note: if you are working with the DNG file format, you will see the changes/corrections made to the images in Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop in the Import dialog box.

If you make changes/corrections to images in Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw/Photoshop to files that have already been imported into Lightroom, Lightroom will NOT automatically update the metadata. Instead, a small icon will appear in the upper right corner of the photo cell (in the Grid View in the Library module) warning that the file has changed outside of the application. To update the file either click on the icon and choose “Import Settings from Disk” or select the photo(s) and choose Metadata > Read Metadata from File. Note: sometimes it can take a few moments for the warning icon to appear so if I know that I want Lightroom to read the changes, I simply click Metadata > Read Metadata from File.


Adobe Bridge

Posted on 05-19-2011


  • By Zeekid - 6:58 AM on June 21, 2011  

    Hi Julieanne,

    I was wondering if you can answer a question of mine.

    I’m running Adobe Bridge but my client is on LR3. He has sent me 1000 RAW files to edit.
    I’ve made my changes and now want to get him the changes.

    Your article says that it’s possible for him to see these changes. What I was wondering is if I can send him only the XMP files and have him import it directly into LR3 or if I need to send back the RAW files + XMP for him to see the changes.

    I would obviously rather just send the XMP since it takes up a fraction of the bandwidth.

    I thought I would be able to get away with just sending an XMP because the person I freelance for only asks for the XMP files of the edited file and he is able to see the changes. Though the difference here is that we both use Adobe Bridge.

    Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.



  • By Michael Wenyon - 12:13 PM on July 12, 2011  

    quote: “sometimes it can take a few moments for the warning icon to appear”

    I am seeing situations where the warning icon does not appear for more than an hour. Hard to reproduce, given that length of time, but in some cases I am wondering if the warning is ever going to appear.