Did you know that you can use the free Adobe Lens Profile Creator Tool to create lens profiles for less common lens/camera combinations? All of the information that you need to know is here: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lensprofile_creator/

Note: in Camera Raw and Lightroom, the lens profile popup will only display the profiles appropriate for the file type. So if you’re looking a raw file, you get to see raw-based lens profiles. If you’re looking at a jpeg, you get to see non-raw-based lens profiles. As you can see, we have many more raw-based lens profiles available than non-raw-based lens profiles. This is due to the fact that lens correction quality for non-raw files (JPEGs, TIFFs, etc.) can be very problematic (this is because it depends on where the JPEG/TIFF came from, and how it was previously processed). For example, a JPEG that comes straight out of the camera is very different from a JPEG that somebody created from a raw file in ACR. If you try to apply the same non-raw-based lens profile to these two cases, you can get quite-different results (even though they’re both JPEGs from the same camera and lens).  Thank you for that in-depth information Eric!


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Posted on 06-30-2011


  • By Verkaufen - 3:51 PM on June 30, 2011  

    I didn’t know that – thanks for sharing. 🙂
    I will have a look how I can implement this in my PS. 🙂

  • By A.B. - 2:48 PM on January 9, 2012  

    Great info!

    Does this correct “wavy” and “mustach” distorsions as well?

    I’ve been looking to buy a wide angle lens, but all (even Carl Zeiss) have wavy distorsion and if you’re photographing in a city with lots of straight lines this looks very wierd even at low distorsion rates. Help appreciated!

    • By Julieanne Kost - 6:04 PM on January 9, 2012  

      Yes, ALPC does handle wave / mustache distortion.

      Since you mentioned Zeiss: we do ship lens profiles already with ACR and Lightroom for the Zeiss SLR lenses. Some of these lenses, such as the Zeiss Distagon 21 f/2.8, are fabulous lenses but do have characteristic wave / mustache distortion. Our profiles remove this distortion. Since we already have profiles for these lenses,you may not need to build profiles yourself!

  • By toronto boudoir photography - 7:55 AM on March 28, 2012  

    Can you please please please do a video tutorial on this? I use an E-5 and there are no good reliable profiles for my f2 14-35mm lens
    thank you!

    • By Julieanne Kost - 9:38 AM on March 28, 2012  

      I don’t know how soon I will be able to get to this, but in the mean time, if you go here: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lensprofile_creator/

      The information under the Getting Started tab and then click on the link for the “Lens Profile Creator User Guide” It will give you step by step instructions as to how to create your own profile. I hope that helps, -j

  • By Bill - 5:53 PM on October 18, 2012  

    the link you have is no good any more it goes to a page about RAW/DNG here is the new page

  • By Wolfgang Kraus - 4:10 AM on November 23, 2012  

    After updating to Photoshop CS6 and Camera Raw 7.2, I am most unhappy to find that the lens profile data for chromatic aberration is no longer used (as it was in CR 6). Instead, there is an automatic CA correction, regardless of the lens profile I select, that works fine in many cases but is much less efficient with my wide angle lenses. Specifically, it does fine with CA fringes on sharp edges but leaves CA in blurred backgrounds largely alone. CR 7 is clearly superior to CR 6, but PLEASE give us back the old manual controls and full lens profile support!

  • By Johan Schmidt - 5:47 AM on August 6, 2013  

    Hi Julianne – I really enjoy and learn a lot from your tuts. When I shoot sports at night I use RAW for which all the lens profiles are provided in LR 4.4. However in the day I shoot JPGs – where can I get a profile for a Nikon 200-400 f4 lens? – by default LR defaults the lens corrections profile to a 14-24mm lens and the longest lens I have in the short list is a 70-200 2.8

    Thanks in advance

  • By Frank Uhlig - 1:17 PM on August 18, 2013  

    In Lightroom “enabling lens profile” in the Develop module works perfectly for Sony lenses with NEX ARW files (NEX 7).

    When i use Sigma lenses instead, nothing happens although “enable profile corrections ” is ticked, no matter what is set next: auto, custom, or default….

    I am getting tired to always have to fill in the 3 Lens Profile questions (but only for Sigma lenses) with 1: Sigma, then 2: search the lens in Lightroom’s long Sigma list and click, and finally 3: hope it takes.

    I am assuming that Lightroom reads the Metadata (where the Sigma and Sony lenses are fully described, I have checked!), but does not cooperate with Sigma, while Sony lenses work so well.

    Why is that so and how can I get the proper lens profile automatically if the lens does have its own Adobe profile loaded?

    Frustrated …

  • By Craig - 10:15 PM on August 26, 2013  

    I am taking close up pictures of artwork with a Sony SLT-A77 camera and DT16-50 f2.8 lens. I notice that at close range, the focus ring position has a significant impact on the distortion. Also, there appears to be no record of the focus distance in the camera data. So I don’t see any way for Lightroom to select the correct profile for a given distance. The available profiles do a poor job of correcting distortion at close range. I tried some shots with Adobe Lens Profile Creator Tool, but the results were mixed. Given the focus distance limitations, I would need to create separate profiles that I manually select for each distance.

    I have a large printed fine line grid that allows me to accurately check and manually correct geometric distortion in Lightoom. This grid also has open cells that I can use to check and correct vignette distortion. The lines can also be used to check and correct chromatic distortion. With one image I can check and correct all of these for a given distance/focal length/aperture.

    So I have created a set of presets with manual distortion adjustments (geometric, vignette, chromatic) for each relevant focal distance/focal length/aperture I use for these photos. Managing these presets is straightforward, and they can be easily tweaked if required.

    My question is: what am I giving up/losing by creating presets with manual lens corrections vs. lens profiles?

    Thanks much!