Video Tutorial – Saving Changes (Metadata) to Files in Lightroom

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Command (Mac) / Control (Win)  + S copies any changes made to a photograph from LR’s database into individual DNG, JPEG, PSD, and TIFF files (or XMP sidecar files for proprietary raw files). Note: the data (change) is also kept in the Lightroom database). To automatically write changes into files (or into XMP sidecar files) choose Catalog Settings > Metadata > Automatically Write Changes into XMP. Click below to watch a 10 minute in-depth movie about this process.

In this episode, Julieanne Kost will explain how changes made to photographs are saved automatically to the Lightroom Catalog. Then Julieanne will demonstrate how to use both the “Save Metadata to Files” command as well as the “Automatically write changes to XMP” Catalog Setting to push changes made to photographs from the catalog into individual files (or sidecar files) so that they can be read and utilized within additional applications such as Adobe Bridge.

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Posted on 08-05-2011