by Julieanne Kost

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March 8, 2012

In this video tutorial, you’ll discover the new enhancements to the Digital Negative File format and how to use them to improve the way you work with and archive your photographs in Lightroom 4.


  • By Joe Hudspeth - 6:42 AM on March 8, 2012  

    Another great article Julieanne. I have a question regarding DNG conversion in LR 3. Where would be the best place to ask this question to you? Maybe email?

  • By Julieanne Kost - 8:20 PM on March 8, 2012  

    This video might answer your questions:
    if not, I would suggest posting your question here:

    • By William Halsey - 11:00 PM on March 8, 2012  

      Hi Just watched your very interesting “Lightroom” tutorial thank you for shareing your knowledge. May I ask, what program do you use to produce such a polished tutorial.
      Many thanks William

      • By Julieanne Kost - 7:32 PM on March 11, 2012  

        I work with the Adobe TV team who produces the video’s – so I don’t know anything about their editing or rendering process, I apologize. In order to record the screen we are using iSHowU. I have also used SnapzPro and have had good results.