Video Tutorial – Photographic Toning Presets in Photoshop CS6

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The Gradient Map Adjustment layer has over 35 new presets to emulate traditional darkroom techniques for toning and split-toning photographs. In this video, you will learn how to load and apply gradient maps to a single image as well as how to download and use Julieanne’s template to quickly see what each preset would look like on your own photograph through the magic of Smart Objects.

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Posted on 07-09-2012


  • By David J - 9:52 AM on July 12, 2012  

    Hi Julieanne,

    Thanks for your tutorials on line. Been a great help for some time now.

    Just upgraded to CS6 Master Collection.

    Your photographic gradient tutorial imports the photographic toning presets which you then show in a thumbnail list against their names.

    On my Win7 x64 system, all I get is a palette of thumbnails, not a column-based layout with annotation like yours.

    How can I get your type of display of the gradient options, please.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 1:07 PM on July 16, 2012  

      Using the same fly-out menu that you used to load the Photographic Toning Gradients, you can change the display of the gradients from Small/Large Thumbnail to Small/Large List.

      (Access the fly-out from the Gradient Fill Adjustment layer by clicking the downward pointing triangle to the right of the “Gradient” to click the Gear icon.)

  • By Todd Patrick - 8:30 PM on July 13, 2012  

    Fantastic, masterclass-level tutorial.

  • By Jaddie Dodd - 10:50 AM on July 15, 2012  

    Dearest Julieanne

    I love this video and hope you’re enjoying your photographic adventure in Iceland.

    But I cain’t find no dad-burned template file nowhere.