Increase the Camera Raw Cache in Photoshop and Lightroom

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When moving back and forth between images in the Develop module in Lightroom and in the Camera Raw dialog in Photoshop, it can be a performance advantage to increase the Camera Raw Cache when working with raw files. To do so, in Lightroom,  select Preferences > File Handling > Camera Raw Cache Setting and increase the Maximum Size. In Photoshop select  Preferences > Camera Raw and increase the Maximum Size. The larger the cache, the greater the number of images Lightroom can hold onto for quick access – making it faster to load recently viewed images. If you are simply moving from one image to the next (without returning to the previously viewed images), then you may not see a benefit from increasing the Camera Raw Cache.

Adobe Camera Raw and DNG, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 08-14-2012


  • By Sven - 1:05 AM on August 16, 2012  

    Hi Julieanne, when using a SSD, is the cache still significantly faster? As you know, space on a SSD is limited, and I would rather use it for storage than for cache if possible.

  • By Simon - 12:20 PM on August 16, 2012  

    Hi Sven, the Cache has nothing to do with the hard drives, the cache is the space reserved in the RAM modules for that application.

    • By Sven - 3:16 AM on August 20, 2012  

      Well, but the cache size which I define at Preferences > File Handling > Camera Raw Cache Setting is definitely taken off the hard drive – for whatever purpose it is used later on.

  • By Constance - 5:09 PM on September 1, 2012  

    Hi, I am a noobie to be sure. How do I set up Lightroom 4.1 (windows) to have a raw file cache, to set up the program for raw images and develop? And also to get the tool bar at the bottom of the page? Thanks so much.

  • By David - 6:53 AM on November 6, 2012  

    I definitely agree with Sven here. In Lightroom 3.2 which I am currently using, Edit -> Preferences -> File Handling -> Camera Raw Cache Setting is using a roaming folder (of which you can change the location) on your hard drive to store generated thumbnails, images, etc., that are rendered with Lightroom settings applied and retrieved later rather than re-rendered again.

    My Lightroom slows down my machine significantly, and one thing I’ve noticed is that its RAM utilization is not very efficient – I have 16 GB of RAM and Lightroom seldom uses more than about 1.5.

    I have been searching for solutions as to why LR slows down my drives so much while I am working. This problem only became really apparent as my catalog has grown to over 10,000 photos… that search brought me to this site. I will try what you suggest (will try anything at this point), but just wanted to second the notion that this cache feature is using HDD space and not RAM.