by Julieanne Kost

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September 26, 2012

Now that Single Edition is included as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, and Creative Cloud members can submit an unlimited number of iPad apps to the Apple App Store, I thought I would link to a few resources for additional information:

·         Step-by-Step Guide for Creative Cloud members to Publishing iPad Apps with DPS, Single Edition

·         Series of Adobe TV videos featuring Digital Publishing Suite Evangelist Colin Fleming

·         More information is available on the Digital Publishing Suite page

·         For further information on Creative Cloud, check the FAQ page on

Note: Creative Cloud membership does not include the annual fee for the Apple Developer Program. Mac OS is required to use DPS App Builder.


  • By Grayson Hjaltalin - 7:38 AM on September 27, 2012  

    I am curious of creative cloud. This is a lot cheaper than it used to be and I am curious as to why. Are adding these iPad apps costing every upload like it was before? Or are these included in the Creative Cloud agreement? Also through phonegap and dps can I publish Iphone Apps for free as well? I already have apple developer so I am set there. Am I only paying for Apple Dev Account and Creative Cloud or is there any other fees involved? Such has every download in the app store or uploading them to the app store? Thanks is my email.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 9:55 AM on October 1, 2012  

      Hi Grayson,
      Briefly, if you are a Creative Cloud Member, then your membership allows you to “submit an unlimited number of iPad apps to the Apple App Store”. This does not include iphone apps. Please use the links above for additional information. If your questions are still not answered, please use the Adobe Forums to discuss: