5 Additional Features in Photoshop 13.1Exclusively for Creative Cloud Members

Adobe Photoshop

In addition to my top 5 favorite features (see video below), these little gems certainly help my workflow.

1) Load Swatch Files from HTML, CSS or  SVG Document – use the flyout menu on the Swatches panel to choose Load Swatches. Then, navigate to any HTML, CSS or SVG document and Photoshop will find all of the colors used in that document and load them as swatches.

2) Support for Larger JPEG files – now save JPEG files up to 60,000 x 60,000 pixels.

3) Reposition Paths While Drawing – this one is subtle, but also really powerful. When drawing with the pen tool, pressing the spacebar will allow you to reposition the anchor point – while drawing. The key is that you have to still have the mouse-down for the spacebar to work. Otherwise you get the Hand tool (as expected).

3) Recent Files List – up the limit the “Recent Files” to 100.

4) Smarter Selecting of Layer Names- Photoshop has gotten smarter about the way it names layers when merging them. Instead of always taking the top layer’s name (in the group of layers to be merged), if any of the layers that are going to be merged have been manually renamed (i.e.you renamed them), Photoshop will keep that custom layer name and use it as the new merged layer name. As you can see in the screen shots below, when merging the three layers on the left, Photoshop 13.1 used the custom renamed “Rock” layer as the new merged layer’s name. In previous versions the merged layer would have been named Hue/Saturation 1. Note: if you have created custom names for multiple layers that are all being merged together, then Photoshop will take the top-most custom named layer.

Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 12-14-2012


  • By J - 10:54 AM on December 14, 2012  

    I am very bothered by the offering of exclusive photoshop features to cloud user.
    Having paid for the most recent versions of photoshop and lightroom, I am starting to think that there may be better places for me to go with my money in the future.
    This is a very bad marketing move by Adobe.
    Start to reassure us non-cloud uses very soon.

  • By Justin G - 6:06 PM on December 14, 2012  

    I completely agree with you. I purchased Adobe Creative suite about 9 months ago and I’m somewhat reluctant to ever do so again. Why would I want to buy a f̶u̶l̶l̶ suite when I’m not getting all of the features for the included software? I understand that Adobe wants to push their Creative Cloud, but not including the full functionality of their (not cheap) products is ridiculous. I won’t be upgrading in the future if this continues to be the case.

  • By AJ - 1:53 AM on December 16, 2012  

    Agree 100%, kind of annoying to be honest.
    I’ve been buying upgrades since PS2 (yeah, PS2 not CS2),
    own the Production Premium too and suddenly I’m not as valuable
    to Adobe as new cloud users…

    BTW Thanks Julieanne, you’re the best!

  • By klaus - 4:49 AM on December 17, 2012  

    Agrre with J.

    looks like Adobe is going to create a two tier world.

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  • By Arend Fuite - 8:10 PM on December 17, 2012  

    Extremely disappointed as well!

  • By Tim - 11:22 AM on January 29, 2013  

    Julieanne, your tutorials are great. I hope you have some clout at Adobe to express the many users displeasure with their stance on Creative Cloud offerings vs the standalone product. There is no reason why features that are part of CS6 should not be available to those who PURCHASED CS6. Especially when there were so many bugs in it to begin with (I’m lookin’ at you Paragraph and Character Styles and Layers panel on Mac OS X!).

  • By DB - 5:51 PM on April 16, 2013  

    True – kind of ridiculous that someone who bought extended version of CS6 only gets all the bells, but not the whistles…