Julieanne’s favorite features in the Lightroom 5 Beta

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Here are links to my top 3 features in the Lightroom 5 Beta!

Upright (Automatic perspective correction) – Discover how to automatically fix common problems such as tilted horizons as well as converging verticals in buildings using Lightroom’s new Upright controls for perspective correction.

The Advanced Healing Brush – Discover the new enhancements to Lightroom’s advanced Healing Brush including the ability to heal and clone non-circular brush spots as well as remove easy to miss sensor dust using the new Visualization slider.

The Radial Filter – Learn how easy it is to apply any and all of Lightroom’s existing local adjustments including dodging and burning, adding vignettes, selectively sharpening and more to one or more completely customizable, nondestructive, circular Radial filters – anywhere in  your image.

For additional information, check out the Lightroom Journal and the photoshop.com blog.

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Posted on 04-15-2013


  • By Marco Scotto - 3:27 AM on April 16, 2013  

    Wow. I tried this beta and I can say just one word: WOW. the new features works very well. It’s even faster than LR 4.1 that I’m actually using….

  • By Przemyslaw - 8:38 AM on April 16, 2013  

    Well done Adobe! My favourite feature is the auto perspective tool.

  • By Russ - 9:24 AM on April 16, 2013  

    Hi, Well I tried to install on a win 7 64bit along side L/R 4 and all I get after 4 attempts is L/R 5 has encountered a problem and needs to close, I am re-downloading to try again.
    Also after watching the video on the upright tool am very disappointed that it does not seem to give as much to the manual operation that the Adaptive Wide Angle offers in P/S CS6 and as Lightroom is geared toward photographers(maybe wrong there JMO) Adobe could have gone that extra mile with the upright tool as with the AWA in CS6, you can purchase software that offers a much better option for this requirement at a reasonable cost.

    • By Pete Green - 10:57 AM on April 22, 2013  

      Let us know how the redownload attempt and reinstall goes Russ.

      IF you still have trouble, can you post the computer and error details to our feedback site so we can assist?



      • By Russ - 12:15 PM on May 3, 2013  

        Hi, Sorry for the wait on a reply.
        I eventually found out that this problem also occurred with L/R 4 apparently and to fix it you have to do the same as for L/R 4.
        The fix I found was at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZoSyhVlkZU
        I no it is a bit late but also a little bit careless on Adobes part to have the same problem in two versions.

  • By Daniel thomassin - 1:04 PM on April 16, 2013  

    Bonjour;Merci beaucoup pour cette version ! Mes serait il possible s’il vous plait de m’envoyer
    un formulaire de question réponse de la je pourrez faire des test en sachent que je suis débutent !Mes cela me permettrez de bien comprendre se que je fait!!
    Madame je vous remercie et vous souhaite une bonne journée.


  • By Julie McLeod - 2:41 PM on April 16, 2013  

    Hi Julieanne,

    Would it be a bug that I’m unable to adjust the size of the healing brush after applying it like you showed in your video? The size slider does change the size on a regular round shape but not on an irregular brushed shape.

    • By Julieanne Kost - 10:14 AM on April 18, 2013  

      Hmmm, it actually won’t work in mine either. It might be a bug – I will report it. Thanks for the catch!

  • By John K. - 4:06 PM on April 16, 2013  

    Love the Beta and you, of course, always do the best job of explaining/instructing, Julieanne. However, I’m wondering why y’all didn’t use Content Aware Fill for the new Advanced Healing Brush. Even in your video–as well as others I’ve seen–it requires constantly moving the “heal from” area, very unlike PS, where it’s CAF (so I know you have the technology!). Also, we have the Gradient Tool, but it sure would be nice to have the option of turning the Radial Filter into a rectangle instead of a circle/oval. Any possibilities of making these two things happen?!

    • By Julieanne Kost - 10:12 AM on April 18, 2013  

      Hi Jon, It’s a great feature request – that’s for sure, but remember, in Photoshop, you’re working with pixels, here in Lightroom and ACR, we’re doing parametric image editing so it can’t be a direct transfer of technology.

    • By Pete Green - 10:59 AM on April 22, 2013  

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback on the LR5 beta! Glad you are using it.

      Can you post your Lightroom feature requests to our feedback site so others can vote on your ideas?



  • By Richard Rynkowski - 11:17 PM on April 17, 2013  

    Great features but program is getting more complex.
    Should I assume these enhancements will also be in Adobe Camera Raw’s next update or new release for Photoshop? These features are really nice for the more “advanced” photographer but wasn’t lightroom origionally to be a basic cataloging and edit software? Seems like it is moving to be more like a Photoshop type editing program that may replace photoshop. For photographers, the programs are starting to run pretty parellel in functionality.

  • By Ron - 12:24 AM on April 20, 2013  


    Have been playing with the advanced healing brush and so far I am not really impressed.

    It works great on small areas but the intelligence behind it sometimes just turns it into an out of control clone tool. Also, moving the brush is jittery and slow. I hope that will be fixed in the final release.

  • By Joe Siravo - 10:31 AM on April 24, 2013  

    When is LR going to be able to show focus points? Aperture has had this for years.

  • By Nathan Chilton - 11:22 PM on April 27, 2013  

    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the new “Validate DNG Files” feature. I’ve been wanting that feature for a while now — so much that I even considered writing my tool to do it. I’m excited that there is finally an easy way to do this — right inside of Lightroom!

  • By Roger Dingley - 8:55 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I like the new features but am having problems exporting files from LR. After selecting and going through the export menu, the conversion to Jpeg seems to work ok, judging by the progress line at the top LH corner, but only a few of the total number of files appear in the export window. There is no error message for this and if I repeat the export on the missing files, they (or at least some) appear in the export folder. I may need to repeat the export three or four times to get all the files. Has anyone else found this problem?