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As many of you  know, this morning Adobe announced Photoshop CC. Although it’s not yet shipping, here is a video of my favorite features that will be available soon!

In this episode, Julieanne Kost will demonstrate her top 5 favorite features in Photoshop CC including the new Upright perspective correction, Radial Filter, and Spot Removal  features in Adobe Camera Raw 8, Image Upsampling and Smart Sharpening, Live Shapes for Rounded Rectangles, and Camera Shake Reduction.

If you own Photoshop CS6 and are moving to Photoshop CC, you might also want to watch this video to learn about the new features that were added to Photoshop 13.1 (released back in December exclusively for Creative Cloud Members).

In addition, here is a great article with insights about Breaking from Tradition written by Maria Yap, Sr. Director of Product Management at Adobe.

And if you have questions, Jeff Tranberry provides answers in this FAQ – for Photoshop and Lightroom Customers.

And the Creative Cloud FAQ.

And information about Lightroom and Creative Cloud.

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Posted on 05-07-2013


  • By Cindy Smith - 3:45 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Hi Julieanne, I love watching your shows as they offer a unique perspective on techniques that I often don’t find anywhere else. But as an Adobe Evangelist, I would hope that you would listen to my thoughts about the Creative Cloud.

    My concerns and thoughts on the Creative Cloud:

    First off, I don’t think Adobe is listening to the masses. It seems to me that they are headed into elitist territory where many will not follow, especially the younger tech savvy, cash strapped set. Also, many devotees, like myself, will think about looking elsewhere. I have been a Photoshop User since 1998 and Lightroom since its inception. I live in the rural part of a rural state. I am a professional for the area. A high school art teacher at the top of my pay scale and I have a Masters, plus 30 additional credits. If you saw my salary you would most likely gasp in horror, though for around here it is a good wage. However, during the great recession our wages have been flat while everything around us is increasing. And those with kids in high school and heading to college are just trying to keep our heads above water. $20.00 a month may seem like chump change to you, but it is real money to a lot of us, especially just to rent a piece of software. Ever since its inception, I have upgraded to the next addition of Photoshop- a roughly $200.00 investment every 2 and one half years. One year at $20.00 is $240.00 for the Creative Cloud. I am not seeing the bargain here.

    On another note, you are assuming everyone can work off the web. Once again, the folks at Adobe are clueless to the hinterlands- domestic and overseas. My brother-in-law, one town over, has been trying to get DSL for 2 years. With the economy and roll backs in funding, they tell him it might be 2 more years or more for faster service. Currently I pay $35.00 a month for internet, which my whole family uses. With the internet, I can stream movies, make flight tickets, do research, keep in touch in friends here and overseas and so much more. $20.00 just for Photoshop, as important as it has been to my work, I just can see to adjusting to the cost. As much of a hegemony that Adobe has had over the image editing field, I can only believe that this really opens the doors for its competitors to step in. I realize that one of my options is to stay with CS6. OK fine, but what a slam to your loyal users- me since 1998.

    For several years a lot of sites have been prompting us to look at the Creative Suite, I did and felt there was nothing there for me and I knew there was nothing I wanted to pay for. Also, I travel on photo trips to remote locations where there is often sparse or no internet. I am often gone for 2 months at a time, so the whole “check in” thing does not seem practical for many of us.

    And lastly, I have had my web server and blog go down for several days at a stretch, what would be my options for the Creative Cloud? As anyone knows who has had to relie on a server at work, they always go down at the worst times and the fixes can take hours or a day. I don’t mind backing up to the cloud, but I do not want to live and depend on the cloud.

    So it seems to me that Adobe was working in a bubble with the creation of this idea, perhaps consulting urban users with larger salaries and not taking into account the rest of us users. Netflix made a huge mistake when trying to separate its services and users responded in kind. And that is just an entertainment business. Many of us rural professionals relie on Photoshop and I would only hope that you follow Netflix example and rethink your business strategy to make it more user friendly to the masses. I truly hate the thought of defecting from Adobe, but I don’t see myself migrating to the cloud, and by looking at the forums, I don’t think a lot of other people will be either.

    We are not luddites who dislike change, we just dislike bad change. Please here us out and find another solution, and Julieanne please use your influence to find some compromise in this decision. I have loved Adobe for so long, but sometimes marriages end because of irreconcilable differences. Let’s find a way to make this work for all involved. Please!!

  • By Cindy Smith - 5:24 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Just a follow up to my previous post. I thought instead of just complaining I would offer a suggestion: Why not charge regular price for the update (delivered through the Cloud) and then a $5.00 a month subscription fee. $20.00 monthly is way overpriced for the average amateur consumer and would definitely be too much for my family budget, especially since I am the only Photoshop user in the house. You folks really need to be more realistic about what the average consumer can bare. I don’t think I am alone with this concern. There are more feasible solutions out there, if Adobe is willing to reconsider its initial bid.

  • By gerry slater - 8:21 AM on May 9, 2013  

    Julieanne– I love your blog and your tutorials. You have been an integral part of my improvement in Photoshop and Lightroom starting from a rank beginner. I have huge respect for your talents as a teacher. However, (you knew there was a *however* coming), I hope you will blunt your enthusiasm for this Creative Cloud business. Photographers who are long standing supporters of Adobe are being summarily thrown aside. They are the casualities of this predatory and self-serving policy *Leasing* improvements in P/S makes absolutely no sense. Based on the math alone—a P/S upgrade costs approx $200 every two years, a LR upgrade is about $80 every two years. So my upgrades are about $140/year. Adobe wants to give me the sucker price of $120 (9.95/month) the first year, and you know it is going up from there with no end in sight. If I stop paying the monthly vig, everything goes away. At least if I skipped an upgrade, which I never did, I could keep what I had bought. Please Julieanne, even though you work for Adobe, please be in the forefront of defending the customers who have loved you for so long.

  • By Gianni - 11:32 AM on May 10, 2013  

    Shame I’ll never get to use these features as I have absolutely no intention of renting software that stops me being able to open and edit my images if I stop the monthly payments.

  • By Les Fisher - 2:15 AM on May 14, 2013  

    Photoshop CC in the UK, if I sign up to that, it works out at just over £14 a month charged to my credit card, that’s cheaper that a newspaper costing 60p a day, cheaper than a mobile phone contract, cheaper that a SKY TV contract. Its very good value and I won’t have to bother with buying disks and worrying about upgrades again.

  • By gerry slater - 3:41 PM on September 4, 2013  

    Julieanne–Today, at PSW, you asked the crowd how many were using Creative Cloud. Adobe cannot be blind to the paltry number of hands that went up.