Upright’s “Reanalyze” Option in Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Classic

When you choose one of the Upright modes in the Lens Correction panel in Lightroom 5, the results are cached so that the adjustment is completely stable.  That means that if you make a change such as enabling/disabling the Profile Corrections and/or Remove Chromatic Aberration options, you will need to click the Reanalyze button if you want Lightroom to forget about those stored (cached) Upright corrections and redo its analysis of the image and compute a new correction. This feature, the ability to Reanalyze (or force an update to the Upright mode) is “as-designed”, and for good reason: in the future, if Lightroom makes changes to the Upright feature, your legacy files will open exactly as they did before.

In addition, by default, Upright will reset any crops or manual transform settings currently applied to an image. This is because rotated crops and manual perspective corrections on existing images will usually interfere with Upright. For this reason, selecting one of the Upright modes will reset the crop and manual perspective adjustments in the Lens Correction Panel (Horizontal, Vertical, Rotate, Scale, and Aspect controls). Resetting the crop has the benefit of showing the user the maximum amount of image area remaining after an Upright adjustment. To preserver these settings, Option + (Mac) | Alt  + (Win) -click when choosing an Upright correction mode.

(Thanks to Eric Chan for these insights!)


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Posted on 06-06-2013


  • By Paul Collingridge - 10:16 AM on June 6, 2013  

    Thanks Julieanne – this is really helpful. Once before I remember you suggesting that spot removal was done before lens correction to ensure accuracy. I think the Upright command now adds another step to this. Please could you recommend a sequence for tasks in the LR5 Develop module, for example, should we correct dust spots, then Lens corrections, then CA, and finally Upright…. before going on to the usual shadow/highlight activities??

    This would really be a BIG help for those of us with poor eyesight who may not notice a misalignment until the final print lands on the desk.

  • By Dan Pater - 8:28 AM on June 27, 2013  

    Fine tutorial, as always, Julieanne! I note that Basic Upright adjustments, while (by default) nullifying the perspective changes made in Manual Lens Corrections(i.e. Vertical, Horizontal, Rotate, Scale, Aspect), Basic choices do NOT cancel the Manual Distortion adjustment. Is there a reason for this? Thanks for your very helpful presentations. Yours are the best out there.