Photo Friday – Unavoidable Relationships


I thought that I would post a selection of images that I’ve taken over the past few months.

But it seems to me, that even if you place seemingly random images together, they create their own relationships and meanings…



Posted on 06-28-2013


  • By Marsha Wilcox - 5:44 AM on June 28, 2013  


  • By Ian - 7:00 AM on June 28, 2013  

    Thanks for sharing, always a pleasure to view and marvel at the processing

  • By Steve - 7:23 AM on June 28, 2013  

    I love the simplicity of these images Julie. Do you shoot in 1×1 format or do you crop afterwards?

    • By jim - 12:16 PM on June 28, 2013  

      Good request from ‘Steve’. Would you share your creative workflow for these types of shots with us all. Are the phone shots?

    • By Julieanne Kost - 7:00 PM on July 7, 2013  

      I crop after taking the image, but since I know that I’m going to crop, I do keep in in mind when I shoot. I find the square format so much easier to shoot!

  • By Bryn - 9:05 AM on June 28, 2013  

    So does this mean I can ignore all the excellent wisdom you have tried to teach me on sequencing? 🙂

    I agree though that if images have elements of story or are compelling, our brains will make connections that we may not have planned in the layout.

    Beautiful set!

    • By Julieanne Kost - 7:02 PM on July 7, 2013  

      NO, you can’t Bryn! I’d never let you off that easy! I have seen your images on Behance, and I think you’re sequencing is constantly improving.
      But sometimes, when I’m in a creative “rut” it’s nice to be able to come across a happy accident that I might not have thought of – either because I wasn’t thinking, or I was over-thinking… : )

  • By Sue S Puetz - 2:19 PM on June 28, 2013  

    Julieanne, you’re my hero – such a great teacher.
    LOVE these photos – easy to absorb, just like your teaching.

  • By Victor Carmelo Sciberras - 2:40 PM on June 28, 2013  

    Julienne, always a please to watch and learn from your tutorials, love the images.

    Regards Vic

  • By David Glasco - 5:39 PM on June 28, 2013  

    I have been taking pictures for a long time but for some reason your comment about placing a group of seemingly random images together to let them create their own relationship really struck me as a challenge for my next exhibit. Thanks for the idea.


  • By bulldog - 12:23 AM on June 29, 2013  

    great pics

  • By Mel Brown - 2:54 PM on June 29, 2013  

    Now I suddenly understand what my H.S. Trig and Geometry teacher was trying to teach us. The world around us is all about infinity, linear, Bézier, slopes, derivatives and triangles.

    Oops, it seems a PERSON managed to sneak into one of the photos!

  • By Bob Towery - 5:27 AM on July 13, 2013  

    Love your photographic eye, Julieann. A unique vision.

  • By Amber - 8:31 AM on July 24, 2013  

    Love love your eye. Great job.