Video Tutorial – Lightroom 5 – Select, Rate and Prioritize Your Images

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In this video tutorial (Lightroom 5 –  Select, Rate and Prioritize Your Images), you’ll find out which method of rating images works best for the photography you do in order to quickly edit down your shoot and view your best photographs.

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Posted on 07-16-2013


  • By Daniel Thomassin - 9:43 AM on July 16, 2013  

    Bonjour.un grand merci pour votre tutoriel très pratique pour la sélection d’image et la gestion de celle ci .
    Je vous souhaite une bonne journée a vous et vos collaborateurs d’Adobe.


  • By Amber - 8:36 AM on July 24, 2013  

    Wow, it could be time to upgrade my LR3. Thank you.

  • By Grzegorz Gladyszewski - 10:41 AM on August 9, 2013  

    Hi, up to now, I’ve just used PSE 8,10,11. To try LR, I have installed LR5RC to see how it works. I’m impressed, surely gonna use it as a regular version when available, BUT… is it intentional change in LR5 (concerns 5.2) or I am not enough skilled – I cannont CREATE folders, I can only ADD those already created before (created from Windows level).

    • By Julieanne Kost - 1:15 PM on August 14, 2013  

      click on the plus icon to the right of the Folder panel to add a folder or subfolder anywhere.