Using Lightroom with Two Monitors

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I’m often asked if Lightroom’s panels can be moved to a secondary screen like you can do in Photoshop. And, while you can’t physically separate the panels in Lightroom and move them, Lightroom does have the option to use two monitors to display images. This video was recorded with a previous version of Lightroom but the information is still valid today. Click here to learn how to take advantage of using the different display options to compare images using multiple views, achieve a consistent look between images, and use two monitors in a sales environment.


Adobe Lightroom Classic, Video Tutorials

Posted on 09-05-2013


  • By Randy Harmon - 10:20 AM on September 5, 2013  

    I use this all the time on one monitor. I use the second window for looking at models expressions close-up while seeing full view in the regular window. Big problem though in LR5…. the secondary window has not been coming into focus….just looks real blurred out of focus. Hopefully you can relay this in and look into it! Mac tower, 10.8, 24gb of ram.

  • By Brett - 5:57 AM on September 12, 2013  

    Do you think searching for “exported photos” could become a filter when creating smart collections? I’d like to know starred photos I have NOT exported before!