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In this episode of The Complete Picture (Lightroom 5 Backup Strategies), Julieanne discusses backup strategies for the Lightroom catalog, incremental backup catalogs, photographs, presets, preferences, and additional supporting files. Of course there are many ways to manage files – this tutorial is intended to help you identify the best approach for your workflow.

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Posted on 11-06-2013


  • By Richard Battilana - 9:50 AM on November 6, 2013  

    Julianne, In your video on Actions – you cropped to aspect ration, then used Image Resize. When not in Actions, is there any advantage to this rather than just cropping to DPI and size i.e. 300 dpi and 5×7?

    Thank you, Richard

  • By Klaus - 10:37 AM on November 6, 2013  

    Hi Julieanne
    You mention the term “incremental backup” but this is not true. An incremental backup refers to something different.

    LR Catalogs are always “full backups” in terms of backup terminology.

    e.g. an incremental backup backs up only data changed since the last backup.

    • By Tim - 11:39 AM on November 6, 2013  

      I agree with this comment. The term “incremental backup” here can be misleading.

  • By Barry Hamilton - 10:46 AM on November 6, 2013  

    I’m soon getting a new iMac 27″ (coming from a PC!) and will need to configure external storage and back-up. I’m curious how you have your raid set up. That’s such a confusing arena for me. And are your working files (catalog) on those drives?
    I’m thinking of getting the LaCie Thunderbolt 5big device and would like to know what you think?

  • By Peter - 4:57 AM on November 8, 2013  

    That’s the style of presentation we love, casual, passionate (like the smirks) and truely informative in a relaxed manner.
    I want to see more of that, makes me forget my credit card provider issued me a new card due to the slack protection of the details by Adobe (working in the finance industry I know first hand the risks, but vigilance as a card holder is always the best strategy).
    Sorry I made a political statement in this forum.