Docking Tools and Panels in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

As many of you have seen when I present, I like to have my panels docked to my tools on the left hand side of the screen. This saves me a significant amount of time over the course of the day when choosing tools, options and panel settings. In order to dock the panels to the tools, drag either the panel’s tab or the grey bar at the top of the panel and reposition it next to (maybe even a little bit overlapping) the tool bar.


When a blue bar appears between the tool bar and the panel(s), and release the mouse button. If the panels do not dock, then the panels will float above the image.



Adobe Photoshop

Posted on 12-05-2013


  • By Gary - 5:54 AM on December 12, 2013  

    Always found this strange , presuming you’re a right hander. Your pen/mouse is crossing the screen every time you want a tool. Time wasted and distraction.

    OTOH, Lightroom has tools perfectly placed, but opposite to Photoshop. Please explain why.