Fractured Moments – 2013 Year in Review


Last year I created a short slideshow (Moments Alone), from images taken over the year using my mobile phone. I found it to be a enjoyable way to look back at the year and reflect upon the places that I’ve gone, the people I’ve met and the things that I paid attention to. So, I decided to do it again this year and here is the result  “Fractured Moments”. I would strongly encourage you to create a collection of your own images for the year -I have found both the process and the results to be very insightful.

See you after the Holidays! And don’t forget, every time a bell rings, a layer gets its mask… : )


Posted on 12-20-2013


  • By Kim - 9:15 AM on December 20, 2013  

    I love it. It inspires me to create something similar with my photos.

  • By Audrey Blake - 2:38 PM on December 20, 2013  

    Ah, what a great idea to go in my digital photo frame!!

  • By Bruce Dart - 5:07 AM on December 21, 2013  

    What a wonderful idea! Literally, full of wonder. An awesome challenge also. And, a reality check….have I been as productive as I hoped over the year and did I miss opportunities by not “seeing” things I passed every day.

  • By Daria Ratliff - 8:46 AM on December 21, 2013  

    These are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  • By Bill - 8:12 AM on December 26, 2013  

    Great idea. Inspired me to go out and create a YouTube video of some of my favorites from this year.

  • By josephine - 5:13 AM on December 28, 2013  

    These are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  • By brooke watson - 6:26 PM on January 2, 2014  

    am not trained in photoshop but my desire is to work my photos around and turn them into fabric patterns.
    what do you recommend?