by Julieanne Kost

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March 3, 2014

Most of us probably know that tapping the Tab key will show and hide your panels and Tool bar, and Tab + Shift will hide and show only the  panels, but did you know that while the panels are hidden, you can auto show/hide them by positioning your cursor to the edge of the application? 


  • By algartheterrible - 5:40 AM on March 3, 2014  

    Yes! I accidentally discovered this last week and I was like wtheck! So I know now. :^)

  • By Michael Shake - 6:55 AM on March 3, 2014  

    I didn’t know any of that so thanks. I had been using the F key to toggle the views to full screen.

    By the way, great job with Photoshop Week! I really like your style of teaching. I always learn something new with you and I love that your obsessed with organizing. I could use some good tutorials on how to manage all that better. It get’s out of hand fast if your not careful.

  • By Kick - 6:23 AM on March 7, 2014  

    Since I upgraded to Mavericks my CS5 doesn’t show my panels. I.e. after two or three pictures it just shows blank squares whenever I want to change anything in options fotr example. Even the panels which should appear from the toolbar are not there (They are there but empty)
    Please HELP
    kind regards,