Adobe Announces Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom 5.4, and Lightroom Web Now Available!

Adobe Lightroom ClassicAdobe Lightroom Mobile

Take a tour of the new features with these videos:

Lightroom mobile – Setup, Collections and Flags 

In this video Julieanne walks through syncing collections, reviewing, picking, rejecting, and filtering images using Lightroom mobile on the iPad.

Lightroom mobile – Cropping, Adjustments and Presets

In this video Julieanne demonstrates how to crop, adjust color and tone, and apply presets to your photographs using Lightroom mobile on the iPad.

Lightroom mobile – Managing  Collections and Auto Import from Camera Roll

In this video Julieanne teaches you how to modify collections; move, add, and copy images between collections; and auto import from the camera roll using Lightroom mobile on the iPad.

Lightroom mobile – Showcasing and Sharing your Photographs

Description: In this video Julieanne shows how to quickly save, share, and show slideshows using Lightroom mobile on the iPad.

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Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom Mobile

Posted on 04-07-2014


  • By Bjoern Hirsch - 2:44 AM on April 8, 2014  

    Great news and was waiting some time for it ; But it looks the workflow starts always with the Photos already in the PC . Mobile is second … Not really a fully mobile workflow like I am using today with :

    1) importing JPEG with EyeWifi on IPAD while shooting RAW + JPEG
    2) do the picks & ratings in pad using Photosmith
    3) sync to PC LR catalog with photosmith and the ratings &picks are applied to the RAW file = easy delete of raw files not picked ?

    Will LR mobile sync JPG file information & meta data to the raw file after import the raw in PC or is there no connection between JPEG & RAW when JPEG is imported in LR mobile ?

    Do I miss anything ?


  • By Peter - 2:44 AM on April 8, 2014  

    Fantastic! I’ve been waiting for this for years!!!

    These are my first impressions regarding what I would like to see improved:

    – While syncing, please show how many photos are still to be downloaded (including the ones still being uploaded from a desktop computer) and include a time estimate. Also clarify whether downloading happens in the background or if checking mails in the meantime would interrupt the sync.

    – Add a way to create virtual copies. This is essential for multiple crops of an image or simply just trying different combinations of settings.

    – Swiping through images, I tend to trigger the up/down gesture for picking by accident or at least invokes the overlay, which means I’m then not sure if it changed the pick status and have to go check. A higher threshold or simple buttons would work better. Or bright red/green colors in the overlay so to make it instantly obvious when the setting gets changed.

    – Cropping seems to have some deal breaker limitations. There seems to be no obvious way to make a portrait crop from a landscape image and vice versa. Also no straightening or manually entered ratios – these things are vital!

    – An “add to target collection” type command. Otherwise we have to abuse the pick/reject feature, then, filter, then select all (manually), then copy to collection. This is made even harder by the fact that collection local flags are no longer available. Without a “clear all flags” feature, it is also tedious when creating multiple collections, not to mention that it makes the flag metadata field useless for flagging picks/rejects.

    – The white balance picker proved to be a bit frustrating, especially since it took me some time to figure out out you have to tap the checkmark for it to actually change the setting. A simple “Discard white balance pick?” confirmation popup with a “don’t show this again” option would make things much more obvious and also prevent accidental taps on other parts of the UI from leading to rather confusing results.

    – A lot of ACR settings don’t seem to be exposed through the UI, but are accessible through presets, B/W conversion being a major one. It is quite frustrating having to use some kind of preset to convert to B/W and then change back all the other settings the preset affected. Same procedure to change the BW conversion parameters. Since not exposing the other settings (or at least most of them) does not seem to be a choice made for performance reasons (otherwise why allow presets to enable those parts of the rendering pipeline), I would love to see these accessible from the UI, especially Black & White and Camera Profiles.

    – I sometimes find that the develop settings tile bar is grayed out without a discernible reason. I would love to have feedback on whether the software is still busy loading a higher resolution image or not, occasionally I wasn’t sure whether the bar being disabled was a bug and if I needed to hide and show it again or something like that because it was quite fast on other images.

    – I’m not sure into which hard drive folder images would go if I enabled Auto Import right now and how to change that folder. Some information in the UI to clarify and a corresponding “LR mobile auto import target folder” setting in the desktop catalog settings would be very nice.

    – Workflow issue: What if I start an Import in Desktop Lightroom (by the way, still waiting for a way to queue up multiple cards so I don’t have to babysit the computer waiting for each import to be done and start the import of the next card) – is there a way to have that sync while it is importing? Ideally I’d like to import and DNG convert over night and have the images available from the iPad app the next day. Same thing if I wanted to do a large import at home or at the studio while I’m on my way to somewhere and have the images accessible on the road as they come in. It would seem that right now I would have to wait for the import to be done, then create a collection out of the folder (if I did that before the import is finished, it would only sync the images already imported at that point), then enable sync.

    A quick and dirty solution on your part would be a “add photos to collection” setting in Desktop LR’s Import dialog. One could then set the new collection to sync and the rest would happen automatically as new images would get synced as Lightroom imports them.

    – When swiping through images (“Loupe View” equivalent), I’d like to have a way to see the image zoomed to the maximum size possible, i.e. without the generous gray borders. Adding a “zoom-to-fit” as sort of a target the pinch zoom feature would snap to would be a nice way to implement that.

    Other than that, great job, this is quite excellent for a Version 1!!! Also, it seems to be quite a bit faster and more responsive than on the Desktop.

  • By Tony White - 3:27 AM on April 8, 2014  

    Hi Julianne

    With the syncing, what is getting synced when I have imported images from the camera roll?
    I tether my ipad to my phone (saving me having an extra data plan bill) but I don’t want to blow my data limit because I find out Lightroom is syncing the photos to Adobe!
    Hope you can clear this up for folks 🙂


  • By Carlos A. Oliveras - 4:34 AM on April 8, 2014  

    Since we are talking about latest versions/updates, may I ask an ACR 8.4 related question here, please? It’s about something you wrote at :

    “While in the standard single-view, tapping the “P” key will still hide/show settings for only the selected panel”

    This did not work for me with the ACR 8.4 RC, and is not working either with the ACR 8.4 final release. “P” seems to perform a global “before/after”, same as Q does but without switching to the before/after interface.
    So there seems to be no way to perform a before/after view just for the current panel, as the old preview checkbox used to do (or like the Lightroom small panel on/off swiches do). Maybe I misunderstood your words, or I am confused, but for whatever reason, I can’t find the way to see a preview just for the selected panel in the new ACR 8.4. Thanks a lot if you can shed any light on this question.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:10 AM on April 8, 2014  

      What version of Photoshop are you running?

      • By Carlos A. Oliveras - 3:52 PM on April 8, 2014  

        The latest one of PS CC, 14.2.1 x64 (Windows 8.1). Thanks for your interest.

  • By Mike Armstrong - 8:21 AM on April 8, 2014  

    This is just another way to attempt to suck people into buying into that subscription CRAP!!! Adobe = Money grubbing thieves!!

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:56 AM on April 8, 2014  

      Hi Mike, the Lightroom mobile service utilizes cloud infrastructure to seamlessly sync image data and edits between the desktop and mobile devices. We’re delivering these services through the Creative Cloud and the Photoshop Photography Program which allow us to continue to deliver innovation and ensure that apps and services are always updated. Due to the nature of cloud services having ongoing costs, Lightroom mobile is not something that can be offered for a one time fee.

  • By Marc Gibeault - 10:00 AM on April 8, 2014  

    Big disappointment.
    -Have to go through Roll or PC
    -Subscription mandatory
    -Poor metadata editing
    Any of these would prevent me to install it on my iPad. All three and I’m buying Photosmith right away.

  • By Carlos A. Oliveras - 4:55 AM on April 9, 2014  

    Yes, Mike, that’s utterly intolerable, they expect to work hard, create amazing products and then charge us for them! And to add insult to injury, now they offer to subscribers an extra service and an ipad application without any extra cost! How they dare!!

    Sorry for the irony, but I think you’re being unfair!

  • By Brychan Roberts - 5:37 AM on April 9, 2014  

    Not very impressed that this is only available to those with a CC subscription.
    Surely it could be available to existing Lightroom users over wifi albeit with CC space limitations.

    I don’t want and can’t afford my editing software to be rented and I guess many amateur past owners have the same view.

  • By Jake Miller - 10:19 AM on April 9, 2014  

    This is just beautiful and so useful when doing in-person post shoot presentations. Client can hold the iPad and approve / reject image finalists with a finger swipe. I can sit with LR open on my laptop and make comments and image adjustments while she browse. It’s a beautiful thing Adobe nice job.

    Now tell me when / where / how can I play with this LR to Web synch thingie? Would be great if clients could do the same thing via a web gallery so I can’t have to loan them my Adobe ID or my iPad : )

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:01 PM on April 9, 2014  

      There is a web version of Lightroom mobile here:

      It’s a simple viewer currently, but your suggestion is a good one to allow a client workflow using the web version.

  • By April - 5:44 AM on April 10, 2014  

    Great start! Number 1 on my wishlist for next feature = KEYWORDING on mobile!!!! Thanks 🙂

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:45 AM on April 10, 2014  

      Thanks for the feedback, April!

  • By Craig P - 2:31 AM on April 13, 2014  

    — Feature Request —

    A fundamental workflow is to review images and flag the picks, filter by the picks and start developing your images.

    I think the mobile app would be great if you could filter the images by picks, otherwise what’s the point.

  • By Dimitris Tsiapas - 6:03 PM on April 13, 2014  

    This is great news! Lightroom mobile seems fascinating!