by Julieanne Kost

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April 29, 2014

If you zoom into an image above 800%, a Pixel Grid is displayed on top of the image. This can be especially helpful when trying to align shapes such as  rectangles so that they begin and end on a full pixel (to avoid anti-aliased edges). However, to toggle this off, you can uncheck Pixel View under View > Show Pixel Grid).


  • By Maarten - 6:26 AM on April 29, 2014  

    Thanks Julieanne. I’ve been a PS user for decades and couldn’t figure out how to toggle if off. Now I know. So simple. I must be losing it. Probably a senior thing.

  • By Doris - 7:31 AM on April 29, 2014  

    Thank you for the tip! Have turned it off. This has bugged me for years and have been in forums where people discussed it, but no one ever mentioned one could turn that off. Goes to show you, one just needs to click on every option from time to time!